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14 May 2017
07:47mib_9k75xehi how to get involved with mozila ..? i am new here
19:12John99SuMo Lithium. Is QMO involved with specifying, testing and agreeing on the new Lithium software? And if not why not ?
19:13John99Note Sumo had to rollback from Lithium to Kitsune due to blocking Firefox. I will look up the relevant recent bugs.
19:17John99Example bug 1358378 bug 1358221
19:17firebot NEW Testing / Sign Off / Approval Plan For Roll Forward of Lithium
19:17firebot NEW, mana [tracker] Switch back to Lithium
19:18John99firebot thank you
19:18firebotJohn99: np
19:19John99Note if not on IRC live I am able to follow replies by checking the log
19:24John99Hope someone picks this up, thanks in advance. Or am easily contacted on sumo or by Needs Info on bugzilla
15 May 2017
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