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12 Sep 2017
07:01petrutahi mib_86uri6
07:06mib_86uri6let's go to the point...
07:07mib_86uri6I've installed firefox nightly right now and find a bug... probabily a bug..
07:07mib_86uri6I saw this wiki at firefox startup page and got here...
07:07mib_86uri6is this place the right place to report bugs?
07:08mib_86uri6this is not a wiki... this is a IRC...
07:08mib_86uri6I think you get it... ._ .
07:10mib_86uri6I don't know if there a porpuse for this bar fits exactly at the center... but... reported
07:17mboldanmib_86uri6: Hello. This is the right place to talk about bugs :)
07:20mboldancan you be more specific about this bug?
07:21mib_86uri6the bar...
07:22mboldanwhat is the problem with the bar?
07:22mib_86uri6is the bar centralized?
07:22mib_86uri6is this the new style of the new firefox? O.o
07:23mib_86uri6if this is not, I though it is!
07:23mib_86uri6ok... nice
07:23mib_86uri6another thing... can't access mibbit through this new firefox...
07:26mboldanstrange. It works for me. Did you tried to open Firefox with a clean profile?
07:26mib_86uri6yes, I did
07:26mib_86uri6maybe this information could help
07:27mib_86uri6I'm using arch linux xfce 4 gtk3
07:27mib_86uri6this is enough to "broke" something?
07:29mboldandid you tried to use mibbit on another browser? did it worked?
07:31mib_86uri6yes I did
07:31mib_86uri6mibbit is bein' used in opera right now to talk to you
07:31mib_86uri6I tried at firefox nightly first...
07:32mib_86uri6another thing I would like to tell is that I can't use the mousescroll on flash sites, like transformice
07:33mib_86uri6and this bug doesn't come from firefox nightly I'm sure, because I tried all "firefoxies" with and I can't use...
22:46XoilHello, I have noticed on Bugzilla the message "If you think a bug might affect users in the 57 release, please set the correct tracking and status flags for Release Management." is displayed above bug reports. Will bugs not flagged for 57 tracking be not investigated further?
23:01lizzardXoil: hi. No, its ok to just flag the status flag
23:01lizzardah, i mean, to just change the status flag to affected so that people will investigate further
23:02XoilIt's not a bug i have filed but one i am following as i'm affected by it, it was raised for Firefox 51 but is still marked as NEW after some discussion.
23:05lizzardwhats the bug?
23:05firebotBug 1322113 NEW, WebExtensions request does not contain cookies even for visited sites when 'from visited' setting is
23:06lizzardah, for that reddit addon....
23:11lizzardXoil: OK, sounds like it is on the radar, but we arent sure if it can be fixed before 57 release or not. If not, maybe for 58. Sorry I cant be more certain there.
23:11XoilThanks, and no worries :)
23:13lizzardIm just thanking my lucky stars and that one guy, that Tree Tabs works decently
23:13lizzardi should donate to him
13 Sep 2017
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