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11 Jul 2017
08:34Caspy7So, I'm trying to do regression on something between 54 & 55...
08:34Caspy7I downloaded and installed the Mozregression-gui for windows
08:34Caspy7there's an option for choosing the repository
08:35Caspy7do I choose mozilla-central or mozilla-inbound?
11:11avaidahi Caspy7
11:11avaidait's best to start with mozilla-central
11:12Caspy7avaida: thanks, I spoke in another channel and came to that conclusion
11:12Caspy7unfortunately things are a little complicated as I'm trying to diagnose a leak associated with an addon that got *worse* sometime during 55 cycle
11:12Caspy7actually sometime during 55 beta as it seems
11:13Caspy7so, things will leak on a certain page in 54, but then they got worse in 55
11:13avaidaah, I see - that kind of bugs usually are a bit trickier to investigate
11:13Caspy7and it's a page with ads, so things may be inconsistent
11:13Caspy7a nice clean page would be nice, but that's likely too much to ask for
11:15Caspy7I understand there may be an issue with the addon itself, but its leak got noticably worse in 55, making me think we could have done something wrong to make it worse
11:31avaidait's a possibility
16:41alexarnaudHello all :) !
16:42alexarnaudWhat is the process to find the commit that introduces a regression ?
16:42RyanVMalexarnaud: The mozregression tool is what you want
16:43alexarnaudRyanVM: OK, I'll test, thanks :) !
12 Jul 2017
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