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11 Aug 2017
16:16RyanVMStefanG_QA_SV_LV: does LV have an hi-dpi touchscreen systems like a Surface 4?
16:17StefanG_QA_SV_LVwe have one
16:17StefanG_QA_SV_LVSurface 4
16:17StefanG_QA_SV_LVRyanVM: ^
16:18RyanVMOK, can someone please take a look at when there's a chance?
16:18firebotBug 1381435 FIXED, Touch events sometime don't register on tab bar (Windows 10)
16:29StefanG_QA_SV_LVI will ask someone from the team to look it over.
17:27RyanVMGrover-QA: were you able to reproduce the original problem on the surface pro 4 on older nightlies?
17:30Grover-QARyanVM: Not reproducible on older nightlies (tried on 56 from 7/21)
17:30RyanVMhrm, hard to call the bug verified if the original problem never reproduced for you
17:31Grover-QARyanVM: Hold a second
17:32Grover-QARyanVM: I opened up 30 tabs with the older nightly and I'm seeing this issue
17:32Grover-QAWith 5-10 tabs I'm not seeing any difference, but with 25-30 tabs I am able to repro
17:33Grover-QAWait no never mind
17:33Grover-QAthat's me "mousing" over it with the pen, not tapping it
17:34Grover-QARyanVM: Not reproducible.
17:36tracyGrover-QA try not using the pen.. just finger.
17:37Grover-QAWith the finger it's reproducible. Let me try with finger on the newest nightly
17:37tracy*nods* thanks
17:39Grover-QAReproducible with finger on newest nightly :( Well, wow. Today I learned finger is acceptable input on Surface Pro. I thought it was stylus only.
17:49tracyGrover-QA: I think we actually support less with the stylus.
17:49Grover-QAThis will certainly make my e10s/a11y testing next week more fun
17:50Grover-QAI reopened the bug with my notes added here
17:50tracyGrover-QA: while youre at this, can you try with apz.touch_move_tolerance is set to 1 (should be by that bug patch)
17:51Grover-QAtracy: Sure, let me take a look.
18:01tracyhmmm, also, if youre on 64bit nightly, it is stuck on 20170810(yesterdays) build.
18:02Grover-QAI noticed that, I am checking comment 40 on that bug ID and seeing about getting a build from there
18:04tracyif you just try the config on 20170810 buid, it should work same as the fix.
18:05tracyah, heh, yeah, kats asked for same.
18:07Grover-QAtracy: string or integer value? I'm double checking :)
18:08Grover-QAthe move tolerance is 0.03 string value. Delete and add a new version?
18:09tracyah, sorry. just up it
18:10Grover-QAtracy: With the finger it's better, but still reproducible
18:11tracycurious, to what value did you increase it to?
18:14tracyok, tell kats, in the bug those results. thanks again.
18:24RyanVMGrover-QA: BTW, the win32 nightly for today should be ready
18:24RyanVMonly the win64 one is having issues at the moment
18:24RyanVMoh hey, win64 just finished - should be on balrog in the next 15min or so
12 Aug 2017
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