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8 Sep 2017
06:38franziskusdkl|afk: thanks for fixing
12:10mcotefranziskus: thanks for helping us test :)
12:10mcotenext time should work perfectly
12:11franziskussure :)
12:11franziskusI'm still curious whether it will work correctly though. I've seen phabricator subscribing CC'ed users to the patch but not people from the security group
12:12mcotebugzilla security groups are mapped over to phabricator as "projects"
12:13franziskusah, ok. and the visibility is set to the project and CC'ed bugzilla users are subscribed? makes sense :)
12:13mcotewhen a revision is created for a confidential bug (or if a bug later becomes confidential), then a custom policy will be created on the revision that includes the project equivalent of the groups on the bug (as long as we've configured them for phabricator synchronization)
12:14mcotethe CC users will be subscribed but I believe we're still working on that part
12:14mcotefor now you'd have to manually people outside of the security group as subscribers to the revision
12:14mcoteyou shouldn't ever have to change the policy, though
12:14mcotejust add reviewers and/or subscribers and visibility will be automatically granted to them
12:14mcotethe policy is controlled by the phab-bot
12:16franziskussounds good :)
12:17franziskusmcote: btw. why does phabricator not close revisions automatically when they get landed? our old instance did that
12:18mcoteyeah I'm not 100% sure why. it seems that if you have to rebase, meaning the parent sha is different on landing than it was on submission, then it won't autoclose
12:18mcotebut that seems weird
12:19franziskusbefore the autoclose was controlled by the "Differential Revision: URL" line in the commit message
12:19mcoteyeah that's what I would have figured
12:19mcoteand you're still doing that, but it's not autoclosing in the new system?
12:20franziskusyep, I have to manually close even if the commit message has that line
12:21mcoteweird. okay we gotta figure that out
12:21mcotebtw this is the bug for syncing CC lists on sec bugs:
12:22mcotepatch is currently under review
12:22mcotehopefully will land next week
9 Sep 2017
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