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7 Sep 2017
15:36franziskusmcote: sorry I'm in a meeting right now
15:36mcoteNp, whenever you have a few minutes
15:36mcoteDevelopers are standing by :)
16:22franziskusmcote: sorry, the meeting took a little lonter and now I have to run. can we do this tomorrow?
16:28dklfranziskus: sure. can you add me as a subscriber to the revision real quick?
16:28dklineed to see what went wrong
16:30franziskusdkl: done
16:49dklfranziskus: ok fixed the revision proper. sorry for the trouble
16:52mcotedkl: what was the issue?
17:03dkl1) when the revision was created the bug had a group set that was not being synced yet (core-security-release) so the policy update failed. 2) after he set a custom policy of just visible to certain users, the next restarts of the build wouldnt work cause BMO could no longer see the revision.
17:05mcoteokay so he did adjust the policy
17:05mcotedo you know how, since that's supposed to be hidden?
17:07dklmcote: my bad as i missed the step when setting up the prod instance. they are hidden now
17:08* dkl looks at phab-dev as well
17:09mcoteand this step is now properly documented I take it? :)
17:14dklmcote: making sure of it now :)
17:25dklmcote: the setup page keeps getting longer longer. luckily it is a one time deal.
17:26dklreminds me i need to update the demo env database to have all of this done prior to startup
17:29mcotewe have a staging server too, yes? that would need updating as well
17:30mcoteand make a card for that demo env update :)
8 Sep 2017
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