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9 Aug 2017
15:43ShrutiJwlach: Hi. I have been trying to fix the way bar charts work. No success so far. I had also left a comment on the github issue. Should I write a mail to hamilton?
15:44wlachShrutiJ: hmm, I would think he would see the issue if he's around...
15:44wlachShrutiJ: what have you learned from looking at the metricsgraphics source code so far?
15:46ShrutiJwlach: I have got a basic idea of how the different parts of the bar chart, the bars, axis etc are being generated. But I still can't pinpoint how min_y_from_data is integrated to it
15:46wlachShrutiJ: does it inherit behaviour from other parts of metricsgraphics maybe?
15:47ShrutiJwlach: That's what I feel. I'll look more
15:47wlachShrutiJ: cool!
15:48ShrutiJwlach: In the meantime, I was working on Bug 1329224
15:48firebot REOPENED, Treeherder graph URLs are unnecessarily long, making them difficult to share on irc
15:49wlachShrutiJ: cool, how's that going?
15:49ShrutiJwlach: Currently the links in compare view use signatures. I was trying to shift it to IDs but I'm facing some problem now
15:50wlachShrutiJ: we could always try an incremental approach, since we need to allow signatures to work for at least a little bit (for historical data)
15:51wlachi.e. you could change how the graphs view works but keep the comparison links the same
15:51ShrutiJwlach: Is it a good idea to make an API call just to get the ID?
15:52wlachShrutiJ: hard for me to say without knowing more context
15:52wlachapi calls can be slow, so it's best to avoid them if possible
16:06ShrutiJwlach: In compare.js only the oldSig is being used
16:07ShrutiJwlach: Because for two projects the signature remains same
16:07ShrutiJBut the id is different
16:11ShrutiJwlach: For original project I can easily get the id from rawResultsMap using oldSig. But there is no object with same signature in newRawResultsMap
16:33wlachShrutiJ|bbiab: hmm would have to look at the code to see why that is to say more
10 Aug 2017
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