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21 Apr 2017
17:01kbrosnanI was asked to get some numbers for talos tp5 for mozilla-esr45 but it looks like we don't collect that data? Is it possible to submit builds to be retested?
17:04wlachkbrosnan: we should have tp5 data going back to the esr45 timeframe already
17:05wlachyou might be able to get new data by adding some talos jobs against esr45 builds on treeherder
17:07kbrosnanclicking on framework: talos and project mozilla-esr45 shows no platforms
17:08wlachkbrosnan: yeah I meant that esr45 was central at some point
17:08wlachyou could look that up, then search for m-c numbers from around that period
17:09kbrosnanlet me explain what i was asked to do
17:14kbrosnanthere is a request for a baseline for tp5. the thought was that we could use the esr-45 branch as a 'stable' code base over the last 3 quarters (~April 1 17, Jan 1 17, Oct 1 16). look at the tp5 numbers and see if there were any changes. if there were try to find what caused it (infra or harness)
19:05wlachkbrosnan: ok. maybe just to eliminate doubt it's best if we do some fresh talos runs
19:05wlachkbrosnan: let me see if I can kick that off, I think it should just be a few button clicks
19:08wlachargh apparently not -- talos doesn't work via add-new-jobs
19:13wlachkbrosnan: so I think there are two paths forward here-- (1) try to see if we could enable talos to be scheduled for esr45 (probably involves talking to someone in releng/buildbot land) or (2) look at historical numbers and assume that the harness/environment for running the tests hasn't changed that much in the interim
19:14wlache.g. here's a year's worth of tp5 data on linux,00ab9f9f9241a67f9bfc376910ff8beb2fc0f8d1,1,1%5D&series=%5Bmozilla-central,f9422672456ec36723cc69e64c10e02cda9dd30f,1,1%5D
22 Apr 2017
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