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20 Mar 2017
15:19ShrutiJwlach: Hi, are you free for sometime? I had a few questions
15:19wlachShrutiJ: yup, I'm free. sorry, I owe you an email I guess :)
15:20ShrutiJYes, that is what I wanted to ask
15:20wlachyes, the project is just about visualization
15:21ShrutiJAlso, is it a good idea to view the visualization from the subtest table?
15:21ShrutiJAnd should it be an overlay or should it redirect to another page?
15:22wlachI would envision us wanting to be able to click on a set of test results in the subtests view and it opening up a page with a visualization of the full set of replicates, yeah
15:22wlachI think a new page/view makes sense here
15:25ShrutiJwlach: I can't view Axel's work. Only the legend for the revisions load.
15:26wlachyes I think the data he was using has expired
15:26wlachcould you try swapping the revision with something more recent?
15:26ShrutiJI'll give it a try
15:34ShrutiJwlach: It's not working :(
15:35wlachShrutiJ: what does the debugging console say?
15:36ShrutiJwlach: Nothing. I didn't fork Axel's work locally. Will that help?
15:36wlachShrutiJ: well it would if you need to make changes
15:37wlachShrutiJ: I would start just by trying to figure out why it's failing, my guess is it's something simple. see what network requests it's making, then look at the source code to see why it's calling them
15:38ShrutiJwlach: Okay
16:39wlachrwood: jmaher: just fyi it looks like perfherder is not able to display invalid alerts in the alerts view right now
16:39jmaherwlach: :(
16:39wlachI'm looking into it, as well as the fact that we're generating so many of them when there are a lot of retriggers
16:39jmaheralways something
16:39jmaherwlach: ?
16:39wlachI understand why now
16:40wlachjmaher: oh, you remember the bug we had a few weeks ago where some macosx perf test had 50 or so retriggers?
16:40wlachthat's come up again
16:41jmaheroh, joy
16:42wlachnot to worry, I'm on track to fix the underlying issue for good
16:42wlachwell, on the perfherder side at least
16:45rwoodI saw all those retriggers, was wondering why so many, I just thought well I guess they're legit by someone hah I guess I should have known
16:46rwoodare the retriggers legit or is it all the alerts created from the retiggers that's the issue
16:48rwoodwlach ^
16:48wlachrwood: I don't think the retriggers are legit either
16:49wlachrwood: jmaher: is someone looking into those?
16:49rwoodah, ok
16:50rwoodI saw that one this morning, did the retriggers on both sides of that, just assumed for some reason someone had to do all of those hah but that's alot
16:50wlachoh my god
16:54jmaherwlach: no, we need to figure out what is going on, I suspect it is pulse actions, rwood is back next week
16:54wlachjmaher: do we need to do something about this right now or can we just ignore?
16:55wlachwait until armen gets back I mean
16:55jmaherwlach: I was going to have Armen look at it first thing next week
16:55wlachI'll fix up perfherder so at least that part doesn't annoy us
21 Mar 2017
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