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20 Apr 2017
19:32ShrutiJwlach: Hi! For bug 1352398, should I change too?
19:32firebot NEW, use raw link to revisions instead of a revision number in the talos regression template
19:33wlachShrutiJ: that file should actually be removed, since it's not used for anything
19:33ShrutiJAlso, I think that I am using getPushLogHref correctly as the link in console output seems to be correct. But the changes are not being reflected when I try to file a bug,
19:33ShrutiJShould I remove it?
19:34wlachShrutiJ: I would create a seperate PR for it, but yeah, I'd say remove it
19:34wlachShrutiJ: hmm how do you mean the changes are not being reflected? you're not seeing the right link in bugzilla?
19:35ShrutiJYes, I can't see the link on bugzilla.
19:35ShrutiJOn clicking "File Bug", the following link is generated:
19:36ShrutiJDidn't realise that the link was so long. Sorry for spamming :(
19:37ShrutiJThe link to revision is not there in the text. Can be seen from the above link
19:44wlachShrutiJ: ok, let me take a quick look
19:44ShrutiJwlach, rwood : I have updated the PR. Do I need to make changes in the backend? If changes have to made in the frontend, I'll try to work it out on my own
19:44wlachShrutiJ: almost certainly a frontend problem
19:44ShrutiJwlach: I'll take another look then
19:45wlachShrutiJ: check the browser console for errors
19:45wlachShrutiJ: my suspicion is that we're not getting the repo object for some reason
19:49wlachShrutiJ: anyway, have a look and see if you still can't solve it, ping me
19:49ShrutiJI have a console output, console.log(repo.getPushLogHref(alertSummary.resultSetMetadata.revision));, in my local copy. It is working correctly
19:50ShrutiJwlach: Yes, I'll take another look. Should be some minor nit which I'm overlooking.
19:50wlachoh ok, so we're getting the value, just not passing it down to the template correctly
19:50wlachthat's a relief :)
21 Apr 2017
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