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17 May 2017
15:28wlachShrutiJ: hey, we're ready when you are
15:28ShrutiJwlach: Even I'm ready
15:38ShrutiJwlach: I can't hear you anymore
16:46wlachShrutiJ: there's a pile of resources about css here (including an introduction)
16:47wlachShrutiJ: and here's a student manual for gsoc
16:56ShrutiJwlach: I'll read both of them
18:25ShrutiJwlach: I have made a few changes for Bug 1319337 but I'm unable to test them. Please test them whenever you are free and let me know if any changes have to be made.
18:25firebot NEW, Make "File bug" function works on awsy and awfy project
18:36wlachShrutiJ: it looks good to me, I'll r+ and merge
18:37ShrutiJwlach: Okay :)
18:38wlachjmaher: did you want to take a quick look at ^^ before I merge?
18:38* jmaher looks
18:40ShrutiJjmaher: I'll make the changes
18:40jmaherwlach: ShrutiJ is is great stuff- just 2 changes
18:41wlachjmaher: thanks for the fast feedback, glad I asked you
18:42jmaherhappy to see this in there- we have been keeping up with AWSY alerts recently
18:45ShrutiJwlach: jmaher I have made the required changes
18:46wlachShrutiJ: awesome, I'll go ahead and merge then
18:46wlachjmaher: looking at awsy alerts, is there a reason why we're running it on linux32? seems a bit of a waste
18:47jmaherwlach: I am not sure; I recall erahm helped set guidance on what platforms to run on
18:48wlachjmaher: I guess maybe the 32/64 bit distinction is interesting for memory measurements
18:48erahmI did not
18:48wlachif erahm doesn't think it's useful though, maybe we should stop running the linux32 jobs to save resources
18:49jmaherthen lets stop!
18:49jmaherwe have linux64, win7, win10
18:49jmaherI have seen requests for osx as well
18:50erahmwlach: 32 vs 64 is interesting when trying to convince people to switch to 64, so it's useful on windows. Linux 32 is less interesting, I think we just do it because we can.
18:50wlacherahm: that makes sense
18:50erahmjmaher: osx would be great, last I checked there's some sort of great osx => taskcluster migration going on this week, after that I think we can turn it on?
18:51jmahererahm: the taskcluster migration will make it much easier to do; that is on track to be mostly done this month (i.e. in the next 2 weeks)
18:52erahmjmaher: fwiw I still don't understand why we can't turn awsy on for osx right now if we're actively switching to task cluster
18:53jmahererahm: we need to add buildbot configs which is a longer cycle for debugging, etc.
18:53erahmjmaher: oh that's right, some sort of BBB thing
18:59wlachfiled bug 1365708 to disable awsy on linux32
18:59firebot NEW, Stop running awsy on linux32
19:00wlachit's not just the aws time, but also the time spent triaging alerts etc
18 May 2017
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