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17 Jul 2017
14:59ShrutiJwlach: Hi! I worked a bit on metrics during this weekend. I think min_y_from_data works only for the line graphs.
14:59wlachShrutiJ: oh interesting
15:00ShrutiJwlach: Here's a screenshot. The y-axis is adjusted perfectly in this case
15:00wlachShrutiJ: did you try grepping for min_y_from_data inside metricsgraphics? it might be an easy fix
15:02ShrutiJwlach: I'll try
15:08ShrutiJwlach: I have one doubt. For
15:09ShrutiJFot tablemutation.html, there is no perfherder-data.json.
15:15ShrutiJwlach: ^ for the new revision
15:16wlachShrutiJ: hmm, this might be a good question for rwood|afk
15:16wlachoh wait, he's on pto
15:17wlachShrutiJ: for now I would just show an empty chart saying "replicate data not available" in that case
15:17wlachI'm not sure if table mutation does or should have this data available
15:18ShrutiJwlach: Okay. What confused me was that, if there is a value being compared for the subtest, the replicate data schould exist.
15:18ShrutiJwlach: I'll make the changes
15:19ShrutiJData is available for other table mutation tests
15:19wlachShrutiJ: some talos tests are weird
16:26ShrutiJwlach: Checked the metrics-graphics code. The basic logic of min_y_from_data seems fine to me. I suspect there's something wrong with the way svg is being made.
16:26ShrutiJwlach: I'll try to read a bit about svg and try to fix it
16:31wlachShrutiJ: interesting, I wonder why it works for line charts and not bar charts then...
18 Jul 2017
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