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16 May 2017
17:27ShrutiJwlach: Hi! I'm free after 11:30 EST. What time is suitable for you and rwood for the meeting?
17:28wlachShrutiJ: hey! do you mean after 11:30est in general?
17:28wlachor just today? (it's currently 1pm est)
17:29ShrutiJYes, in general. It'll be 9:00 PM in India. I'll be done with dinner by then. I'm free post that
17:30ShrutiJCan we have the meeting tomorrow?
17:30wlachsure, let me check my calendar
17:30wlachcan you do skype or should we just chat on irc?
17:31wlachmy calendar is pretty open tomorrow, 11:30am would be good
17:31ShrutiJAnytime between 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM EST will be convenient for me
17:31ShrutiJI can do a skype call
17:32ShrutiJTomorrow 11:30 then?
17:32wlachShrutiJ: let's see what works for rwood, I'll schedule something in when I hear back. 11:30am EST if he's ok with it tho :)
17:33ShrutiJwlach: Cool! :)
17:33wlachShrutiJ: did you get my reply to your last email about testing the change?
17:33ShrutiJShrutiJ: Yes I did. Was working on that only. I'll ping once i have updated the PR
17:33ShrutiJI'll also make it a point to reply to the mails asap
17:34rwoodwlach, ShrutiJ: yep 11:30am est tomorrow works for me
17:35wlachcool, I'll send out an invite
17:46ShrutiJwlach: Can you test the changes which I have made for Bug 1352398?
17:46firebot NEW, use raw link to revisions instead of a revision number in the talos regression template
17:47wlachShrutiJ: sure, could you make one small adjustment first?
17:47ShrutiJwlach: Yes
17:47wlachi left a comment in the pr
17:58ShrutiJwlach: Done
17:59wlachShrutiJ: testing now
18:00wlachShrutiJ: I think you accidentally removed a colon from the templates (see the pr again)
18:00wlachShrutiJ: but I'll be able to test while you fix that :)
18:00ShrutiJwlach: I'll get that right in a minute
18:05wlachShrutiJ: looks great on stage, I will merge
18:11wlachShrutiJ: want to try tackling bug 1319337 next? it's very similar
18:11firebot NEW, Make "File bug" function works on awsy and awfy project
18:11ShrutiJwlach: Yes. I just need to add template for awfy and awsy tests, right?
18:12ShrutiJAnd a few more changes would be required
18:19wlachShrutiJ: yup that's about it
17 May 2017
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