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16 Mar 2017
22:37chmanchesterdid something happen to the "performance" tab in treeherder?
22:37chmanchesterI remember it showing up for TC builds, it was pretty useful
22:49KWierso|lunchchmanchester: bug 1286018 happened recentlyish
22:49firebot FIXED, When selecting *nightly* jobs on Treeherder the job details pane always switches to the "Performance
22:52chmanchesteryeah, that sort of looks like it disabled the perf tab for build jobs
22:52chmanchesterKWierso: should I file a follow up?
22:53KWiersochmanchester: I was under the impression it only changed the default tab, but sure
22:54chmanchesterhm... that line, `$scope.tabService.tabs.perfDetails.enabled = true;` is under the guard
22:54chmanchesterof course I have no idea how treeherder works!
22:56KWiersochmanchester: yeah, file a new bug, I guess I was overzealous
17 Mar 2017
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