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15 May 2017
18:36digitaraldjmaher: should I try to solve my API needs?
18:36digitaraldlooks like its for automating project creation; can't see how I get graph data
18:38jmaherwlach: digitarald is trying to programatically get data from perfherder for tracking/dashboards/etc. - is there a preferred method?
18:38digitaraldlooks I am trying to enter python territory with node
18:39wlachjmaher: digitarald: you can either use the treeherder/perfherder api or do a redash query directly against a mirror of the treeherder db
18:39digitaraldwlach: I probably for REST calls
18:40digitaraldreverse engineering it from the calls made on the page
18:40wlachdigitarald: yep that's what I'd suggest
18:40wlachwe have some docs here as well but they're not incredibly good
18:40wlachapi docs I mean
18:41jmaherthanks wlach
18:41wlachdigitarald: I can probably give more specific guidance if you give me details on exactly which types of views you want to generate
18:42wlachso don't be afraid to ask questions
18:45digitaraldwlach: reproducing,ac46ba40f08bbbf209a6c34b8c054393bf222e67,1,1%5D as a graph within a page of graphs
18:47wlachdigitarald: ok, that case is pretty straightforward :)
18:49wlachdigitarald: I guess the only thing to mention is that you can specify &signatures= multiple times and it'll give you multiple series in the same request
16 May 2017
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