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14 Mar 2017
20:01jmaherwlach: rwood: I am trying to acknowledge the one new improvment on, but it is not accepting that
20:01wlachjmaher: oh grump, I know what's going on
20:02wlachmore fallout from me upgrading a js library
20:02wlachjust call me w "break all the things" lach
20:02wlachI'll file a bug + fix
20:04jmaherwlach: thanks
20:05jmaherrwood: and there is a nasty looking tresize regression to look at if you have time
20:07wlachrwood: could you give me a fast review on bug 1347275? ^^^
20:07firebot NEW, Acknowledging an alert doesn't work
20:08rwoodwlach: on it
20:12rwoodjmaher: ooooooo 25% ok sure I'll check it out
20:13jmaherrwood: thanks- I think getting those cleaned out, but leaving the improvements for igoldan to train on is a good idea
20:13rwoodgood plan
20:14wlachrwood: could you approve it on github as well?
20:14rwoodwlach: yeah was just waiting for travis to finish, will do
20:14wlachrwood: ah ok, np :)
20:15rwoodwlach: all set :)
20:18wlachrwood: awesome thanks :)
20:18rwoodnp :)
15 Mar 2017
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