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14 Jul 2017
15:59wlachShrutiJ: thanks for the review! how goes the battle with metricsgraphics?
16:00ShrutiJwlach: Hi! For Bug 1380900, I first used google chrome (apologies :P) to take a look at perfherder graphs. And I could scroll through the list and see "valgrind"
16:01firebot NEW, Perf graph selector doesn't allow to distinguish between similar names
16:01wlachShrutiJ: yeah different browsers will have slightly different behaviours in these sorts of cases :)
16:01ShrutiJwlach: Is it normal to see different behavior of a web page across different browsers?
16:01wlachShrutiJ: yes, small differences
16:02wlachi try to test treeherder/perfherder stuff in both chrome and firefox
16:02ShrutiJwlach: I think there is something wrong with metricsgraphics. I'm trying to modify the CSS such that the size of the bars is decided according to the y-axis.
16:03wlachShrutiJ: hmm, I wonder why we're seeing different behaviour than in the examples
16:03ShrutiJHaven't been successful in doing this :/
16:03wlachShrutiJ: maybe we should try to patch/fix metricsgraphics, if it's the source of the problem
16:03wlachShrutiJ: did you get a standalone test case working?
16:03ShrutiJwlach: It behaves incorrectly only for the case when min_y_from_data is used and the range of data is small
16:04ShrutiJwlach: No, haven't got a standalone case working
16:07ShrutiJwlach: Is it possible to set the height of bars relative to the x-axis?
16:07wlachShrutiJ: I am not sure, I suspect not...
17:20ShrutiJwlach: Plunker is throwing an error when I'm trying to collaborate. Sorry to keep you waiting.
17:20wlachShrutiJ: np, I have a meeting in 10 but will still be around for a while
20:24wlachShrutiJ: I'm heading out for the day; but I can try to find some time this weekend to take a look if you get something working then
15 Jul 2017
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