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11 Jul 2017
17:03ShrutiJwlach: Hi! I have changed the code a bit such that bar graphs are shown instead of histograms
17:03ShrutiJI've put up a screenshot
17:04wlachShrutiJ: that looks great
17:04ShrutiJwlach: It still needs a bit of CSS work
17:04wlachShrutiJ: I actually wonder now whether maybe we should just put them in the order we find them, as the first replicates are usually larger (and thus dropped from the calculation)
17:05ShrutiJI'll post a screenshot without sorted replicates in a some time
17:07wlachShrutiJ: cool. you might also want to experiment with the min_y_from_data option -- that will make the differences between replicates clearer
17:07wlach(towards the bottom of that page)
17:08ShrutiJwlach: I'll do that
17:11ShrutiJwlach: This one is with unsorted replicates and min_y_from_data option
17:12wlachShrutiJ: looks good except the bars seem offset strangely
17:12wlachnot sure if that's a bug in metricsgraphics or the css
17:14ShrutiJwlach: I didn't get you. Are you referring to the distance between the y-axis and the bars, or the distance between consecutive bars?
17:14wlachShrutiJ: it looks like the y bars are negatively offset from the axis
17:15wlachi.e. I would expect to see something like:
17:15wlachand not:
17:17ShrutiJShrutiJ: Oh okay. I'll work on the styling part now. Also, should I sort the replicates or display them in the order in which we find them?
17:20wlachShrutiJ: hmm, I was thinking order-they-were-found-in would be more useful, but perhaps we could actually do both?
17:21wlachShrutiJ: I think metricsgraphics let's you add a widget to a chart to let you toggle things like this
17:21ShrutiJOkay, I'll look for it
17:22ShrutiJwlach: Otherwise, a dropdown/button would work?
17:22wlachShrutiJ: yup
12 Jul 2017
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