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10 Aug 2017
15:52wlachShrutiJ: oops, I forgot about our 1:1! how's it going?
15:52wlachI can meet in 20 minutes or so if you'd like
15:58ShrutiJwlach: I'm making changes to the graphs URL shortening bug. Undoing the changes made for compare view link
15:59ShrutiJwlach: The network is really poor right now. I don't think a video call would be possible :(
16:00ShrutiJwlach: Do you have any way of modifying the graph link which is there in the compare view? I can't really come up with anything
16:49wlachShrutiJ: hmm
16:50ShrutiJwlach: I think I have found a way out of this id issue. All the ids are available in the graph view. How about changing the URL once we switch to that view.
16:50ShrutiJie the links hyperlinked to compare view would still have signatures. But in the graphs view it'll change itself to ids
16:51ShrutiJwlach: One drawback with this approach though. To share the shortened link, one would always have to open the graphs view
16:55wlachShrutiJ: I think we would eventually want to change the compare view to link using the shortened version, so we can eventually remove the signatures entirely (or at least be free to do so)
16:55wlachShrutiJ: let's just not worry about the compare view for now though
16:56wlachShrutiJ: we can do that as a followup once we have the shortened versions in the graphs view
16:59ShrutiJwlach: oh okay. i'd put the current pr on review
17:07wlachShrutiJ: awesome, will take a look this afternoon
17:07wlachShrutiJ: btw I will be out tomorrow, but should be checking my email over the weekend
11 Aug 2017
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