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27 Apr 2017
17:18jmaherseems that perfherder doesn't show old alerts:
17:18firebotBug 1360277 NEW, tp5 regression in November on windows 8
17:18jmaherwlach: rwood: ^ is this related to expired data in treeherder?
17:19wlachjmaher: we shouldn't be expiring any data in perfherder on the main branches
17:20jmaherwlach: the data isn't expired, we just don't show the alerts on mouse over
17:20jmaherdon't we expire changeset or push info at some point in time?
17:20wlachnope we should keep that around forever
17:20wlachif you can't get it, it's probably a bug of some kind
17:21wlachwe were expiring revision data a long time ago (>2 years now I think), but I put a stop to that
17:23jmaherok, so it must be a bug then; I got the info by using network monitor to see the queries and loading them manually and parsing the data to find the right time and alerts
17:31wlachjmaher: if you file a bug I can take a look
17:31jmaherwlach: cool
17:31wlachI can budget a bit of time in to work on perfherder here and there
27 Apr 2017
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