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9 Aug 2017
15:31mstangebdahl: yes, but it's unclear whether it works at the moment
16:02bdahlmstange: where is this script?
16:51mstangebdahl: in
16:51mstangebdahl: let me see if I need to fix it up
17:11bdahlmstange: or alternatively is there a programmatic way to start and stop the gecko profiler extension and dump the profile to a file
17:12mstangebdahl: dumpProfileToFile(Async) is that way - we don't have a programmatic way of dumping it with symbols at the moment, unfortunately
17:12mstangebdahl: do you need this for local builds or for official nightlies?
17:12bdahlmstange: preferably local builds
17:13mstangethe latter is much easier to support - we want to add a button on perf.html that resymbolicates an existing profile with symbols from the mozilla symbol server
17:13mstangeok, that one is harder
17:28_6a68jmaher: howdy, I'm starting to look into, not quite sure what I'm looking at
17:29bdahlmstange: i see seems to only support up to v3 and the dumped profile is v8, so maybe i'll give up on locals for now. I can do some of the profiling on nightly though, how would i go about symbolicating that?
17:30mstangebdahl: give me half an hour and I'll give you a script that works with v8
17:30mstangebdahl: there's no working existing solution for symbolicating nightly profiles either, it's just that building that capability into perf.html is easier
17:50jmaher_6a68: thanks for looking at that
17:51_6a68jmaher: sure! think I've found the bug, we assume that sessionstore-windows-restored eventually fires, so we don't remove that observer in the bootstrap shutdown function :-P
17:51jmaherwe are getting a crash when screenshots was updated, oddly it looks to be on the talos sessionrestore test- and it seems to be pgo only and you can see it with 20 retriggers
17:51jmaher_6a68: oh, even better
17:51_6a68but if you have, say, a test that ensures that never happens, then you could be left with a dangling observer
17:51_6a68I bet that could cause some problems
17:52_6a68does that seem like a reasonable root cause? windows c++ debugging is not a thing I've done
17:56jmaherit does sound reasonable
18:24mstangebdahl: getting closer... you're on mac, right?
18:25bdahlmstange: yah
18:52mstangebdahl: ok, if you pull from that repo again, and do "python yourprofile.json", you should get a yourprofile.json.sym file which has the function names
18:52mstangebdahl: they won't be demangled, though, and you'll see duplicate tree nodes because of
18:52mstangebut it's better than nothing
20:10bdahlmstange: appears to be working, thx!
10 Aug 2017
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