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8 Sep 2017
10:08jmaher|afkigoldan|afk: did I miss you for the day?
10:31igoldanjmaher|afk: hi, Joel
10:51jmaher|afkigoldan: I am going afk for about 1.5 hours- I should be able to catch you online when I get back
10:51igoldanjmaher|afk: yes
12:18jmaherigoldan: hi
12:26jmaherigoldan: the mainthreadIO intermittent failures; it would be nice to look into those and figure out why we seem to miss so many; it seems like when it fails like there there are dozens of files not accounted for- I suspect a bug in the mainthread code
14:07igoldanjmaher: are you refering to the Python or the C++ part of mainthread code?
14:09jmaherigoldan: the python code in testing/talos/talos/xtalos
14:26igoldanjmaher: I will look over that more closely
14:28jmaherigoldan: thanks!
14:28igoldanjmaher: to still land the changes I did, I think you have to r- my last push
14:29igoldanjmaher: so I can push again, with the 'mainthread' globall override added
14:29jmaherigoldan: ok
14:37igoldanjmaher: I also worked on bug
14:38igoldanjmaher: I pushed to Try some random Talos tests, on all 3 desktop platforms
14:39igoldanjmaher: I think I'm done with it, and would push this too for review
14:40igoldanjmaher: py2 and py3 linters both work on Talos now
14:40igoldanjmaher: I had to make some small code changes on and + the symbolication modules
14:41igoldanjmaher: to fix the circular imports that existed before
14:46igoldanjmaher: I would first run all Talos tests for this change
14:47igoldanjmaher: I will be leaving now
14:47igoldanjmaher: have a nice day and a great weekend
16:19mystordthayer: Hey, hangs.html still is only showing data from the 29th - is there a way to get more recent information?
16:20dthayermystor: yeah - running a job right now. it should also normalize by usage hours again
9 Sep 2017
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