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8 Aug 2017
14:59RyanVMjmaher: I'm going to wontfix bug 1383637
14:59RyanVMi don't see anything actionable there
14:59RyanVMtp5o is so noisy too :(
14:59jmaherRyanVM: yeah
15:00* RyanVM is going through the 56 regression bugs and poking
15:27RyanVMjmaher: bug 1387436 - looks like we had some big drop off, then things bounced back to where they'd been and that "regression" is what got reported?
15:31RyanVMit's also blocking the wrong bug AFAICT since the regression was filed against beta which was tracking 55 at the time
15:33RyanVM*sigh* lots of open bugs hanging off bug 1346783 too
15:57jmaherRyanVM: can we keep all the regressions found on the talos tracking bug?
15:57RyanVMwhat do you mean?
15:58RyanVMwe want a bug found on 55 to be marked blocking a bug tracking regressions in 56?
15:58jmaheroh, I am confused
15:58jmaheryeah that one
17:30RyanVMjmaher: can I ask you to weigh in on bug 1381844? I'm not familiar enough with tp6 to make the judgement that needs making there
17:38jmaherRyanVM: can you ni me
23:49bdahli'm running the gecko profiler programmatically and using profiler.dumpProfileToFile(), but the profile doesn't seem to have symbols for any of the c++. Is there another script i need to run on the output profile?
9 Aug 2017
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