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7 Aug 2017
14:23jmaherigoldan: thanks for being so detailed on the bugs
14:23igoldanjmaher: you're welcome
14:24jmaherigoldan: I see you almost have all the platform microbenchmarks cleaned up in alerts, awesome
14:24jmaherI also see many mozilla-beta alerts in the list
14:24igoldanjmaher: I'm waiting for some of the authors of the strings tests
14:24igoldanjmaher: to tell me more about those; I don't know how to handle those alerts
14:26jmaherigoldan: we should create a wiki page and have them fill out the details
14:26jmaherso then we don't depend on them for information
14:26jmaherigoldan: maybe under
14:27jmaherigoldan: any other page would be good as well
14:28igoldanjmaher: it's good to start with
14:28igoldanjmaher: we care about those descriptions devs can make use of
14:28igoldanjmaher: I can reorganize the pages later
14:28igoldanjmaher: if we need a better structure of the wikis
14:30igoldanjmaher: do you know the owners of the platform_microbench tests?
14:30igoldanjmaher: besides bholley
14:40jmaherigoldan: bholley for the stylo ones, I believe milan for the strings ones
14:57igoldanjmaher: great! thanks
15:03jmaherigoldan: do let me know what alerts you have leftover and I can finish them up today
15:03igoldanjmaher: sure
15:04igoldanjmaher: I'm writting an email in a moment
8 Aug 2017
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