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19 May 2017
10:32jmaher|afkigoldan: as is fixed, can you verify it and mark the alert as fixed: ?
10:57igoldanjmaher|afk: hi, Joel
10:57igoldanjmaher|afk: sure
16:10digitaralddthayer: I have a thread with pmeenan and mark from speedcurve. they saw first paint regress in Webpagetest (metrics beyond that were not affected) since the web extension came out
16:10digitaraldfirst paint is video based metric, so the web extension somehow delays first paint for real
16:14dthayerdigitarald: hmm, that's no good. I can try to dig into it. Is their data available somewhere?
16:15digitaraldthey shared a graph which makes it obvious and I got a wpt recording before/after
16:15digitaraldall on a twitter message thread, but I'll copy things out
16:22aswandigitarald, dthayer: sorry for the drive-by but there is a known perf hit when loading a webextension (ie, the first time you load one, the whole framework for webextensions needs to get loaded and initialized)
16:33digitaraldaswan: this is page load though
16:33digitaraldand metrics beyond first paint are not affected
16:35digitaralddthayer: added all details in
16:35aswanah sorry, when you said "first paint" i was thinking ts_paint
16:35digitaraldaswan, no worries; so many paints
16:35aswancarry on...
20 May 2017
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