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17 May 2017
12:36igoldan|afkrwood: good morning!
12:38igoldan|afkrwood: do we have any kind of docs these Talos flags: 'cycles', 'gecko_profile', 'gecko_profile_interval' ... 'tpmozafterpaint' ?
12:43rwoodigoldan: don't know, if they are I would imagine they'd be in the talos docs
12:45rwoodigoldan: also in ./mach talos-test --help
12:47igoldanrwood: yep; these are what I was looking for
12:47igoldanrwood: didn't notice the argparser had them defined
12:47igoldanrwood: thanks
13:56jmaherigoldan: have you seen many alerts in the last day?
13:57igoldanjmaher: hi, Joel
13:57igoldanjmaher: no
13:57igoldanjmaher: on Talos; just some downstream ones
13:57jmaherigoldan: more time to finish your patches for talos :)
13:57igoldanjmaher: yes
13:59igoldanjmaher: I repushed the xperf fix on Try
13:59igoldanjmaher: but now I got this
13:59igoldanjmaher: 2 new files got accessed
13:59igoldanjmaher: should these be whitelisted also?
14:00jmaherigoldan: yes, repeat until green
14:00igoldanjmaher: ok
14:14igoldanjmaher: regarding this other task
14:15igoldanjmaher: prefering tpcycles = 20 instead of javascript REPEAT_COUNT = 20
14:16igoldanjmaher: from what I've seen so far, this involves big changes to the tpaint.html
14:16igoldanjmaher: as the main timestamp aggregation logic is there
14:17igoldanjmaher: a refactor would remove almost everything from tpaint.html
14:17igoldanjmaher: as it will only need to provide the endTime, back to the Python code
14:23igoldanjmaher: tpaint was initially a startup test, because all it needed was an initial html page
14:24igoldanjmaher: so that it can do all its testing in javascript
14:24igoldanjmaher: which provided all the requirements: open a new window, record both start and end time, repeat the test ...
14:26igoldanjmaher: what I need now, for this refactor, is a way for the javascript to notify back that endTime
14:27igoldanjmaher: I'm sure there is a test that does that
14:29jmaherigoldan: can you ask rwood for help? I am in meetings for the next 15 hours
14:30jmahererr 1.5, not 15
14:31igoldanjmaher: I thought you we're just skipping sleep today
14:32jmaherigoldan: it isn't hard to get data, instead of printing a line, you need to call an api as this will use the tprecordtime api- search in dxr for that
14:32igoldanjmaher: interesting
14:33igoldanjmaher: thanks for this
14:41igoldanjmaher: I am leaving now
14:41igoldanjmaher: I wish you a nice day!
14:42igoldanjmaher: see you tomorrow
14:43jmaherbye ig
16:21b4handjmaher: Hey I got the patch in, and I tried running it but I got an AddonInstallException
16:23florianmstange: Hi. When using MOZ_PROFILER_SHUTDOWN, where should I expect to see the profile? I thought the value of the env var was a file name, but I can't find any file with that name.
16:24jmaherb4hand: oh; lets work on that; can you pastebin the command and output?
16:25b4handjmaher: I asked in #ateam but I don't think whimboo is around
16:25b4handGive me a sec
16:25b4handYou want the entire output?
16:28jmaherb4hand: if possible, otherwise the last ~100 lines
16:31b4handjmaher: https:/
16:32jmaherb4hand: what command did you run?
16:32b4hand./mach talos-test --activeTests ts_paint_webext
16:33jmaherb4hand: ok, that is the right command@
16:33jmaherodd that we see AddonInstallException: ERROR_NETWORK_FAILURE
16:33b4handIts not the most helpful exception message heh
16:42jmaherso iwonder why I don't get an error like that locally
16:42jmaherI am on windows10; not that it should make a difference
16:55jmaherb4hand: we do some prefs to limit the network; is this your webext that you created?
16:55b4handNo it was the one on the patch
16:56jmaherb4hand: did I add the .xpi to the patch?
16:56jmaherlet me check
16:57b4handoh no
16:57b4handjust the manifest.json
16:57mstangeflorian: that's what I expected as well, maybe it's just brokne
16:57jmaherb4hand: that could be what is wrong
16:58jmaherb4hand: can you take your webext and rename it to dummy.xpi (or keep the name and change
16:58b4handYes I can do that
16:58florianmstange: do you know in which folder the file is expected to go?
16:58florianand if it happens to be broken, how hard would it be to add test coverage for this, so that it doesn't break again in the future?
17:00jmaherb4hand: cool, I am adding code to check if the file exists, etc. :)
17:00b4handjmaher: that xpi needs to be in the webextensions folder right?
17:01jmaherb4hand: testing/talos/talos/webextensions/dummy/dummy.xpi
17:01jmaherideally the source will be there as well
17:01b4handthought so. Cool
17:08mstangeflorian: oh
17:08mstangeflorian: I think you need to specify an absolute path
17:22b4handjmaher: since the xpi includes the manifest, I should just leave it how it is?
17:22jmaherb4hand: I am not sure I understand
17:23b4handIn the patch you had the manifest.json separate
17:23jmaherb4hand: ok; yeah- I didn't know what else to put in there
17:23jmaheror what makes up a valid .xpi
17:23b4handbut that worked?
17:24b4handthe pat has to be ~/webextensions/dummy/dummy.xpi ?
17:24mstangeflorian: MOZ_SHUTDOWN_PROFILE=/Users/mstange/Desktop/shutdownprofile.sps.json works for me, it's just unsymbolicated and only contains the parent process
17:29b4handjmaher: so even with the xpi in the dummy folder and the manifest.json as well, I still get the same error
17:52jmaherb4hand: :(
17:52b4handjmaher: where do you set the path for the addon? I see test_config.get('webextensions)
17:52jmaherb4hand: in testing/talos/talos/; search for: webextensions
17:53b4handah, I didn't see that
18:00b4handjmaher: so the path looks fine. What did you do to create the dummy extension? Maybe mine is wrong
18:00florianmstange: I can't get this to work on my local mac build either, but I could debug a little bit. is false
18:03florianbah, ignore that. The profile add-on got somehow uninstalled from that profile on my mac.
18:06jmaherb4hand: using that github link you provided
18:06b4handAnd just renamed it dummy.xpi
18:14b4handGot it. Your path for windows was different then for linux.
18:19jmaheroh yeah
18:22jmaheryeah, I was fiddling with that locally
18:24b4handYeah it looked weird and then it clicked
18:25jmaherok, so are you getting somewhere with it now?
18:25b4handthe test run successfully
18:26jmaherI am not sure if my dummy.xpi locally is valid
18:26jmaherthat is something I could use help with
18:27jmaherI recall it needed something with a background
18:27jmahermaybe an empty background script
18:29jmaherb4hand: I had \\ hardcoded, I just fixed that in my local patch
18:30b4handNo its fine
18:30b4handI am using the same github url
18:31jmaheris there code associated with the dummy xpi ?
18:32b4handWhat do you mean?
18:33jmaherI unzipped it and it seems to have some .js stuff and content scripts
18:33b4handYeah thats pretty much what mine is
18:34jmaherthis is where I could use a hand to make sure that we have a .xpi that meets the need of this
18:35b4handI am pretty sure the generator makes what is needed. I have been recommended to use it in the past.
18:36b4handkrupa: is Justin Potts' webext generator good for making a dummy addon for this test?
18:36b4handgood enough*
18:38jmahermaybe John-Galt would know if is good for a dummy extension with a background empty .js script
18:40John-Galtjmaher: Maybe just start with this?
18:40b4hand^ looks to be pretty similar
18:42jmaherb4hand: the problem I see is the justinpotts one has a non empty content script
18:42b4handAh yes true
18:46krupab4hand: i think you should remove teh content script in it to make sure it is truly an empty webextension
18:46b4handOkay I can do that
19:44b4handjmaher: so what should I work on next?
19:46jmaherb4hand: can you get me the code and how to generate the .xpi (in the past I did zip -r dummy.xpi .) so I can add that to my patch queue?
19:49b4handjmaher: you want it to create a new addon each run?
19:51jmaherb4hand: no, just use a static one
19:51jmaherbut if we decide to modify it in the future it should be easily to hack up
19:52jmaherlikewise search the source in-tree
19:54b4handjmaher: so you want my local changes
19:54jmaherb4hand: yeah; once I have what makes a good dummy.xpi, then I think this project is almost done
19:55b4handCool. is pastebin fine? It's just 3 changes
19:55jmaherb4hand: sure
20:03jmaherb4hand: I still don't see where the background script is
20:03jmaherI assume there would be some files
20:04b4handbackground_script? Is that supposed to be included?
20:20jmaheryes, that is what the request was
20:25b4handOh okay let me look into adding that
20:28b4handjmaher: what script is supposed to be run
20:30jmaherb4hand: I am not sure
20:30jmaherpossibly we should just take the work from and use that;
20:31b4handAH an empty one
20:31b4handMakes sense
20:31b4handI'll do that
20:36jmaherb4hand: thanks!
20:54b4handjmaher|bbiab: this is the empty scripts file
23:09smaughow do I run ts_paint?
18 May 2017
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