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17 Apr 2017
14:06tjrjmaher (or whomever): Alex_Gaynor is trying to land a new security feature and has perf questions (initially "How does this make you feel?" I suppose.)
14:08* jmaher looks
14:10jmaherhmm, the compare view isn't loading up for me
14:10jmahertrying again
14:11jmahertjr: this only affects linux, correct?
14:12jmaheroh, maybe osx as well
14:12tjrAlex_Gaynor: ^ I think it also affects Mac; but it doesn't affect js/ (letting Alex confirm)
14:13Alex_GaynorIt in principle affects mac as well, although in local testing it looks like maybe the clang on macOS-latest has this flag on by default. Correct on not affecting js/ (at least, not for the time being; obviously it'd never affect JIT compiled ASM)
14:15Alex_GaynorErr, no, I don't know why I thought macOS had this on by default. yes, it affects macs
14:15jmaherok, I am doing more retriggers on the base revision- the interesting thing with Talos (and just about and performance testing at scale) is that there is noise/variability in the numbers, so collecting a few data points for every test makes a huge difference in understanding the impact
14:16Alex_Gaynor(I suppose this also affects clang-on-windows, but I don't know if that's a thing anyone uses)
14:20Alex_Gaynorjmaher: also worth noting that, where linux is concerned, it won't affect Ubuntu's package, which already has this (and several other cool hardening flags) enabled
14:21jmaheroh, cool
19:30RyanVMavih: Saw your name go by in bugmail today. Long time no speak! :)
19:31avihRyanVM: wut? who gave you these insider's permissions to see my name pops in bugzillla?!? this is a violation of my privacy! Gevald!
19:31* RyanVM ducks
19:32avihhow are you? :)
19:32RyanVMalright, yourself?
19:32avihpretty good, thanks :)
19:33avihyeah, on the subject which i hated the most in all my time. mozafterpaint in tsvg[r]_opacity :)
19:33avihwell.. not hated, but which was the hardest to do something meaningful with :)
19:33RyanVMthat's fair
19:34avihlooks like no more soup *strike* perf team for you?
19:35RyanVMno team at all anymore
19:35* RyanVM is back in the land of ICs
19:36avihoh? :/
19:37RyanVMwe got re-orged (I know, a shocking turn of events)
19:37avihshocking indeed lol
20:23sfinkICs=indolent contributors
20:24RyanVMinsolent crybabies
18 Apr 2017
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