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15 May 2017
15:44mstangedthayer, John-Galt: how do you feel about uplifting the webextensions API to 54?
15:49John-Galtmstange: I'm all for it if we can get approval
15:50dthayermstange: same
15:50mstangeso we're not relying on any functionality that has only been added recently?
15:51mstangehmm, getProfileAsArrayBuffer comes to mind, but we can just leave that out
15:55John-Galtmstange: No, but it would require a bit of refactoring, since the ExtensionAPI stuff was only added in 55
15:55mstangeoh, I see
18:54jmaherb4hand: hi
18:55b4handjmaher: hey
18:55b4handI should have something solid this week
18:55b4handI am waiting on some hardware
18:55jmaherb4hand: ok, I am getting all of the other bits done- did you see the bug I filed?
18:55b4handYes I did
18:58jmaherb4hand: cool, follow along there and I think the webextension part is where you can help out
16 May 2017
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