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14 Mar 2017
14:33igoldanrwood: are there other developers which update the Talos source code? besides us four?
14:35igoldanjmaher: I'm setting up my build environment
14:35igoldanjmaher: I can't wait to throw my first try jobs :D
14:46rwoodigoldan: yes sometimes developers when they add new tests, also maybe some contributors sometimes perhaps
14:47igoldanrwood: how often do these other updates happen?
14:50rwoodigoldan: i don't really keep track, whenever needed really :)
14:53igoldanrwood: ok
15:06igoldanrwood: is there any notification when an update is made?
15:06igoldanrwood: on Talos?
15:06igoldanrwood: besides checking the repo
15:07rwoodigoldan: no, but you could follow the component in bugzilla and get bugmail
15:07igoldanrwood: got it
15:44igoldanrwood: I wish you a great day :)
15:44igoldanjmaher: see you tomorrow :-h
15:44rwoodigoldan: thanks, bye for now
15 Mar 2017
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