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14 Jul 2017
14:23chuttensewardj_: ping
14:23sewardj_chutten: yo
14:24chuttensewardj_: would you be the right person to ask about BloatView and refcnt tracing?
14:24sewardj_chutten: alas no, and I am not sure who is the right person (sorry)
14:25chuttenDo you know about atomics?
14:25sewardj_chutten: (guardedly :-) yes, kinda
14:25sewardj_chutten: maybe froydnj or mccr8 could help w/ bloatview
14:26chuttenThe reason I ask is that the refcnt tracing is complaining about memmoving a refcnted thing
14:28sewardj_chutten: Yeah .. i'm not the right person
14:28chuttenfroydnj's on pto
14:28chuttenmccr8 already tapped out :S
14:28chuttenBummer :(
14:29chuttenNS_InitAtomTable()::empty _that's_ what it was
14:30chuttensewardj_: Well, thank you for listening to me complain at least :S
14:32sewardj_chutten: do you have a bug number for this (have just been discussing it with gfritzsche)
14:32chuttenWell, that's the bug where I discovered it.
14:32chuttenNot sure where to file a bug for the "Refcnt Tracing doesn't work for me"
14:50RyanVMdamn perfherder has a lot more functionality than it used to
15:29wlachRyanVM: and more to come thanks to our gsoc student :)
15:53digitaraldmystor: do you know the profile json format that gecko produces? I am trying to get a module list for snappy where it at least marks the modules as known
15:54digitarald`libs` in the profile has a list of libraries; I use their "name" and "breakpadId" as parameters for snappy
15:54mystormstange would know the format better than me, I read it at one point
15:54mystorI think name and breakpadId are right but I'd have to look at it again.
15:54digitaraldeach lib looks like:
15:55digitaraldis that breakpadId the hash that Snappy expects?
15:55mystorI think so
15:55digitaraldfrom the examples: ["xul.pdb","44E4EC8C2F41492B9369D6B9A059577C2"]
15:55mystorYou'll probably have to transform the addresses whgich you get in the stack to be relative to start
15:55digitaraldwhat would the first name be? I can't see any filename like other than the full path
15:55digitaraldI did that part
15:56mystorIt looks like you're on a mac, I don't think there's an extension. I think it's just name
15:56mystorIs this an official nightly build you're on or did you build locally?
15:56digitaraldoffset = frame_address - module.start
15:57digitaraldofficial Nightly
15:57mystorCan I get back to you after lunch digitarald ?
15:59digitaraldmystor: sure
20:30BenWajrmuizel: mstange: mconley the FB URL are immutable. FB does this because when we push an update we can update all our resources at once and not have to worry about deploying over the old resources. It lets us be push safe across distributed CDNs
20:33RyanVMjmaher: ping
20:37jmaherRyanVM: hi
20:39jrmuizelBenWa: I figured so
20:39RyanVMjmaher: hallelujah @ bug 1379868
20:39BenWaThey are packages so we look at frequencies in which js modules are used together and we bundle them together becauses browsers are slow at a ton of files, even with http2
20:44jmaherRyanVM: yes, making a little progress
20:44RyanVMany chance we can do it for DevEdition too? :)
20:45jmaherRyanVM: I don't see why not- I assume that will require a buildbot patch and a taskcluster patch as well
20:46jmaherRyanVM: could you file a bug for that and ni me
15 Jul 2017
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