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13 Jul 2017
14:06jmaherigoldan: hi
14:08igoldanjmaher: hi, Joel
14:08jmaherigoldan: good to see you online, I missed you yesterday
14:09igoldanjmaher: good to see you too
14:10igoldanjmaher: it was 5.30 PM when I left
14:10igoldanjmaher: there are lots of autophone & awfy alerts
14:10jmaherigoldan: yeah, I had some internet hiccups yesterday
14:11jmaherigoldan: yeah, I will look at autophone- awfy I think we should ignore until we get more data on them; I see you have made progress on the other stuff
14:11jmaherigoldan: a lot of regressions/alerts this week
14:12igoldanjmaher: yes; I think I should look again over the bugs I filed so far
14:12igoldanjmaher: some didn't have any reply
14:12jmaherigoldan: yeah, about time to make a pass on them
14:13igoldanjmaher: there's also this filed bug:
14:13igoldanjmaher: a pretty big platform micro regression
14:14igoldanjmaher: and I would back it out
14:14jmaherigoldan: for that, the person is afk until next week, can we find the reviewer of the changes to look at it?
14:15jmaherthat would be :froydnj- either way, if froydnj doesn't comment by tomorrow we should backout and ehsan can reland
14:15igoldanjmaher: the reviewer is also out
14:15jmaherigoldan: ok, well that is unfortunate
14:15jmaherigoldan: I see an email with a subject about backing out
14:16igoldanjmaher: yes
14:16jmaherodd that there was a patch landed to speed up strings and it ended up regressing the test :)
14:16jmaherigoldan: you can always ask the sheriffs to backout :)
14:16igoldanjmaher: yes, Will told me that
14:16igoldanjmaher: guess I'll call the cops
14:17jmaherin fact that is probably the best way to do it, they won't make mistakes like you or I :)
14:18igoldanjmaher: I know RyanVM is sheriff
14:18igoldanjmaher: where is the list with all the Tree sheriffs?
14:18jmaherigoldan: Tomcat and kwierso
14:18igoldanjmaher: cool
14:18jmaherigoldan: asked in #developers for you :)
15:22wlachjmaher: igoldan: I think that change is actually an improvement, not a regression. it's just that the test doesn't have correct metadata
15:23igoldanwlach: wow
15:25wlachjmaher: igoldan: looking a little closer
15:26wlachjmaher: igoldan: wait, false alarm, higher is worse. so the backout was justified
15:27wlachit's really not cool how undocumented these tests are :(
15:30igoldanwlach: yes, I hope I could help update some of the wikis
15:30wlachigoldan: it looks like you're using the talos regression template in the bug?
15:31wlachthese tests aren't documented here:
15:32igoldanwlach: yes, the platform microbenchmark tests are not available
15:32igoldanwlach: as docs
15:33igoldanwlach: jmaher: I will be leaving now
15:33igoldanwlach: jmaher: I wish you a fine day
15:33jmaherby igoldan
15:33wlachigoldan: it looks like we need a regression template for them
15:33wlachigoldan: have a good night
20:55mconleyomg editing the kraken tests suuuuuuucks
20:56mconleyadding TalosContentProfiler support to it, and hooooo boy here's what I'm working with:
20:56mconleySpoiler alert: it's an array of strings of HTML containing inline JavaScript.
20:57jmahermconley: heh, that is a nasty one
21:09RyanVMmconley: that broke my content process
14 Jul 2017
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