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12 Sep 2017
17:50dthayermystor: looks like 22% of hangs over 2s with the PendingInput annotation also have the ExternalCPUHigh annotation. Just thought that was interesting, and probably good news for our responsiveness stats
17:50mystordthayer: That is good to know!
17:50dthayerthe dashboard is now filtering these out completely
17:51dthayeri thought about adding an option for it, but I'm not sure what that would get us right now
17:52mystordthayer: fair
17:53mystordthayer: Could you add a filter option to hide every frame which has a (content script) entry somewhere on the stack?
17:53mystorjust as another source of sorta-uncontrollable latency? We'd definitely want to be able to turn it off but it might be handy to narrow down on poorly performing chrome code
17:53dthayermystor: sure thing
17:54mystordthayer: \o/ thanks!
17:54* mystor may have tried to add one but got confused by how the whole thing works
17:55dthayer:P - yeah it's a bit tricky in there. its readability also isn't helped much by the array-of-structs optimizations everywhere (though they are there for good reason)
17:57mystoryeah, I mostly just got lost trying to figure out what data I had access to in the filters
17:57mystorI eventually figured out the event dispatch model and got the checkbox working
17:58mystorThe code was pretty gross though
18:00dthayermystor: how would you feel about content-script just being a category that you can filter out like any other? or would you prefer to be able to categorize within content script entries?
18:00mystorthat's fine I think
20:12tarekdstrohmeier: ^
20:18rwoodtarek, dstrohmeier:
13 Sep 2017
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