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12 Jul 2017
21:33digitaraldmystor: I am trying to give feedback on the new event. I was wondering, how would I observe bhr-thread-hang from a web extension?
21:35mystordigitarald: Oh, I wasn't exposing it to web extensions, it isn't a complete API. I sorta assumed that foxfooding used our legacy addon technology as it's an internal thing
21:35digitaraldmystor: nah, its using the bleeding edge
21:35digitaraldcould the geckoProfiler web extension API expose it?
21:36digitaraldit has events already
21:36mystordigitarald: Well, I don't really want to expose the hang events to the entirety of web extensions
21:36mystorI definitely don't want it to be stable
21:36digitaraldmystor: geckoProfiler is only allowed to a whitelist of 2 addons
21:37mystordigitarald: OK - can you file another bug for exposing it to webextensions?
21:37mystor(I'll expose it under the geckoProfiler API probably)
21:41digitaraldmystor: filed
13 Jul 2017
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