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11 Sep 2017
10:16jmaher|afkigoldan|afk: should I push/land the py2 compatibility changes you just pushed
10:34igoldanjmaher: hi, Joel
10:34igoldanjmaher: I did some partial tests, after I rebased to latest master:
10:35igoldanjmaher: can |mach try fuzzy| run all Talos tests on all platforms?
10:36igoldanjmaher: actually, I'll just use the Try syntax for that
10:38jmaher|afkigoldan: ok :)
10:40jmaher|afkigoldan: just ni? me in the bug when you want me to land it
10:41igoldanjmaher|afk: sure; I just pushed to Try on all platforms, all Talos tests
10:44dstrohmeierjmaher|afk: hi, in your email, did you mean include or exclude as much as possible from heavy user profiles? ;)
11:09jmaher|afkdstrohmeier: include as much as possible; just exclude addons unless they are known to be ok
11:10dstrohmeierok, agree
12 Sep 2017
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