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29 Mar 2017
02:08njnthinker: ping
02:39njnthinker: hi
02:39njnthinker: I'm doing some work in the profiler
02:40njnthinker: profiler_save_profile_to_file_async() is unused in the codebase, but Markus says you use it from a debugger sometimes
02:41njnthinker: Is it important? I'd love to be able to remove it, because it would simplify several things :)
02:43thinkernjn: Ok..
02:44njnthinker: ok to remove it?
02:44mstangeIf we turned it into an nsIProfiler method, you'd still be able to do this from the error console by executing Components.classes[";1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIProfiler).saveProfileToFileAsync("filename")
02:45njnthat's not quite as simple as deleting, but would still be helpful to me
02:47njnI could do either
02:49mstangeI filed bug 1351529 to add that method
02:49mstange(with s/save/dump/ for consistency with the existing method)
02:50njnmstange: it'll make sense for me to incorporate it into bug 1350967
03:12thinkernjn: right..
03:13thinkerby the way, with save to file, it would be easy for running remote or command line
29 Mar 2017
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