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23 May 2017
09:04igoldan|2jmaher|afk: ping
09:05jmaher|afkigoldan: hi- I am just heading out for a run
09:05jmaher|afkigoldan: do you have a quick question?
09:06igoldanjmaher|afk: ok; can we later talk about an alert?
09:06igoldanjmaher|afk: I know you have at least a meeting today
09:07igoldanjmaher|afk: no, I may take longer to discuss
09:07igoldanjmaher|afk: *it
09:07jmaher|afkok, send me an email and I will look at it when I get back
09:07igoldanjmaher|afk: great
09:08igoldanjmaher|afk: will do
12:05igoldanrwood: ping
12:05igoldanrwood|afk: ping
14:13jmaherigoldan|2: I will reply to your email shortly
14:19igoldan|2jmaher: ok
23 May 2017
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