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8 Sep 2017
00:05yurytobytailor: is there a polyfill for IntersectionObserver ?
00:08yuryI think IntersectionObserver will fit into PDF.js viewer
00:08yurytobytailor: what's implementation status on our end?
00:10yuryawesome, the polyfill works for IE7, we are golden!
17:36tobytailoryury: we are pretty much spec compliant since FF 55
18:01yurythat's awesome
18:01yurybdahl: are you interested in IntersectionObserver ?
18:02bdahlyury: what would we use if for? seeing what page is visible?
18:03yuryit even has per cent of the intersection
18:04yuryno scroll/resize handler
18:04yurytobytailor: does it work for mobile pinch zoom?
20:35tobytailoryury: it should
20:35tobytailornot sure about the polyfill tho
20:50github_pdfjs[pdf.js] timvandermeij pushed 2 new commits to master:
20:50github_pdfjspdf.js/master 2a77f8b Tim van der Meij: Provide `checked` styles for button widget annotations...
20:50github_pdfjspdf.js/master d1089a2 Tim van der Meij: Merge pull request #8877 from timvandermeij/button-widget-annotation-style...
20:50soakbotPull 8877: Provide `checked` styles for button widget annotations.
20:57timvandermeijyury: Hi, gentle ping for #8691 review
20:57soakbotPull 8691: Implement support for square and circle annotations.
21:01github_pdfjs[pdf.js] pdfjsbot force-pushed gh-pages from 0b4a702 to ed77990:
21:01github_pdfjspdf.js/gh-pages ed77990 pdfjsbot: gh-pages site created via gulpfile.js script...
21:10github_pdfjs[pdf.js] timvandermeij pushed 4 new commits to master:
21:10github_pdfjspdf.js/master 077195d Jonas Jenwald: Ensure that the `PDFHistory._updateViewareaTimeout` is always reset when the history is updated
21:10github_pdfjspdf.js/master b7c4d78 Jonas Jenwald: Prevent a temporary position from being added to the history while a destination is scrolled into view...
21:10github_pdfjspdf.js/master 938dffb Jonas Jenwald: Reduce the value of `UPDATE_VIEWAREA_TIMEOUT` and simplify the 'popstate' event handler to avoid subtle bugs...
21:35github_pdfjs[pdf.js] pdfjsbot force-pushed gh-pages from ed77990 to 13c1b41:
21:35github_pdfjspdf.js/gh-pages 13c1b41 pdfjsbot: gh-pages site created via gulpfile.js script...
9 Sep 2017
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