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7 Sep 2017
17:06duziyury: Hi. Why do we need to pass viewport.transform in evaluator when we already have it in canvas beginDrawing?
17:07yuryI don't really understand the question, any operation with the canvas is not really related to evaluator
18:47domhi all, brand new here, looking at wiki/Contributing it says "... For font testing you will need Python. ...", could anyone tell me how to find out which version of Python i need?
18:57yurydom: probably you don't need it. can you tell more before you dive into the stuff you don't need?
19:00yuryby need contributors that knows ins and outs of fonts, we will be glad to help you to setup env to fix font related issue
19:01dommostly just wanted to be thorough before starting anything - i'm eyeing up #8846 but don't mind trying other beginner bugs
19:01soakbotIssue 8846: Replace occurrences of `throw new Error(...)` with `unreachable(...)` where applicable.
19:01duziyury: You told me to pass viewport.transform to evaluator. Why do we need it there?
19:02yurydom: just running unit and ref tests will be fine
19:03yuryduzi: how do you will know how to convert PDF units to physical device pixels?
19:03yuryat evaluator side
19:03domyury: alright thanks for your help
19:04duziyury: so you mean what is done at canvas, we'll replicate it in evaluator?
19:04duziI mean the conversion part
19:05yurysomewhat, yes, but for different purpose
19:13mukulyury: Hi, so we have to extract logic for BinaryReader something like: ?
19:14yurymukul: I would like to see a stream as a constructor parameter instead of the arrayBuffer
19:15mukulyury: stream is data stream?
19:16mukulI mean it may contain buffer or Uint8Array or something like that?
19:17yuryStream will know how to read buffer chunks, BinaryReader will know how to read int16 and bytes
19:18duziyury: once we convert to devices pixels in evaluator, how would it be useful in buildPaintImageXObject?
19:19* yury has full solution but cannot really explain to duzi
19:19yuryduzi: I can only suggest to think harder :)
19:19mukulyury: stream --> ReadableStream? So it may have `.read()` method ?
19:19duziyury: Sure :)
19:20yurymukul: it's possible, yes
19:21mukulHmm.., Okay. So we need to change how actually `BinaryReader` is reading the data.
20:21duziyury: What's the purpose of TimeSlotManager in evaluator?
20:22yurylimit amount of iterations to spread work accross mutiple requests
20:48tobytailoryury: ping
20:49yurytobytailor: pong
20:49tobytailoryury: we landed the printing test harness
20:49tobytailoryury: that means, there is now more code that depends on pdf.js
20:49tobytailoryury: please keep that in mind when landing new versions
20:49tobytailoryury: you might get failing tests
20:51yuryI think RyanVM is watching that
8 Sep 2017
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