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19 May 2017
15:52somatichey guys, can i ask a noob question here? i meant to print a pdf document by means of pdfjs, but unfortunately there's very little documentation on this. I read some of the source and I'm thinking, should I use printService?
15:57yurysomatic: we do not expose this as API yet, if you can figure out how to use printService, you can use that
16:00somaticokay, thanks :)
18:43mukulyury: hi
18:45mukulwhat needs to be done in PR #8396 ?
18:45soakbotPull 8396: Adds streams-lib polyfill and exports ReadableStream from shared/util..
18:45yurymukul: I asked Snuffleupagus to check if I'm missing something Snuffleupagus
18:47yurymukul: so far he recommended to use pre-babel sources
18:47yuryI don't have a need for that yet
18:48yurymukul: you can rebase this PR and submit another one with this commit with sendWithStream code
18:49mukulyes, i am also thinking to send a PR for sendWithStream branch
18:49yuryI'll see if we can land former before next week
18:51mukulokay, so i am going to submit a PR for sendWithStream with new upstream
18:52mukulmaybe you will provide some reviews on that, this weekend :)
20:08github_pdfjs[pdf.js] yurydelendik pushed 3 new commits to master:
20:08github_pdfjspdf.js/master 65a1e83 Yury Delendik: Removes shelljs
20:08github_pdfjspdf.js/master c0a1ff0 Yury Delendik: Removes CRLF checker
20:08github_pdfjspdf.js/master 7b365b9 Yury Delendik: Merge pull request #8366 from yurydelendik/rm-shelljs...
20:08soakbotPull 8366: Removes shelljs.
20:20github_pdfjs[pdf.js] pdfjsbot force-pushed gh-pages from ad98dde to 8c47b00:
20:20github_pdfjspdf.js/gh-pages 8c47b00 pdfjsbot: gh-pages site created via gulpfile.js script...
21:50github_pdfjs[pdf.js] timvandermeij pushed 2 new commits to master:
21:50github_pdfjspdf.js/master 957dc40 Jonas Jenwald: Replace a couple of leftover `make.js` references with `gulpfile.js` in docs/comments...
21:50github_pdfjspdf.js/master 8d2ae20 Tim van der Meij: Merge pull request #8431 from Snuffleupagus/rm-make-references...
21:50soakbotPull 8431: Replace a couple of leftover `make.js` references with `gulpfile.js` in docs/comments.
22:09github_pdfjs[pdf.js] pdfjsbot force-pushed gh-pages from 8c47b00 to 3fac67a:
22:09github_pdfjspdf.js/gh-pages 3fac67a pdfjsbot: gh-pages site created via gulpfile.js script...
20 May 2017
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