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15 May 2017
17:49bdahlyury: have we tried "--enable-logging --v=1" with chrome?
18:00github_pdfjs[pdf.js] brendandahl created brendandahl-patch-1 (+1 new commit):
18:00github_pdfjspdf.js/brendandahl-patch-1 a64d289 Brendan Dahl: [DON'T MERGE] Enable logging for chrome.
18:01bdahlSnuffleupagus: when do the intermittent failures on chrome/linux usually happen?
18:01bdahle.g. unittesting or?
18:02Snuffleupagusbdahl: I think it's only ref-tests now.
18:06yurybdahl: robwu_nl has an idea that it's caused by systemjs locking during dependency resolution
18:08yuryhe did some tinkering during weekend
18:16bdahlah yes, i see some log files from him
18:16* bdahl leaves it alone
19:07iamflimflam1hey all, quick question - can you use pdf.js to render a pdf with a transparent background? I seem to be getting a white background with our transparent pdfs...
19:27yurywhat's a transparent pdf and how other reader display that?
19:35iamflimflam1It's a pdf that's been exported from something like illustrator or inkscape with a transparent background
19:36yuryiamflimflam1: illustrator or inkscape adds white background, no?
19:38yuryiamflimflam1: anyway, you can disable page background rendering if you need to create a custom solution
19:38iamflimflam1here's an example
19:38iamflimflam1Ah yes, how would I do that?
19:39iamflimflam1Actually - that wasn;t a good exmaple...
19:40yuryiamflimflam1: api is not avaialble for that, you need to change files in display/canvas.js
19:40iamflimflam1Ah ok, I'll need to build a custom version then.
19:42iamflimflam1I don't suppose you know which bit of code would need to be changed in that file?
19:42iamflimflam1Ah, think I've found it - this.ctx.fillStyle = 'rgb(255, 255, 255)';
19:42iamflimflam1 this.ctx.fillRect(0, 0, width, height);
19:42yurysee beginDrawing
19:46iamflimflam1Awesome - thanks @yury
16 May 2017
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