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14 May 2017
19:14github_pdfjs[pdf.js] timvandermeij pushed 2 new commits to master:
19:14github_pdfjspdf.js/master b3bd2f3 Rob Wu: Gracefully ignore transaction failure in plugin-babel-cached
19:14github_pdfjspdf.js/master 08f8b68 Tim van der Meij: Merge pull request #8406 from Rob--W/babel-cache-error-handling...
19:14soakbotPull 8406: Gracefully ignore transaction failure in plugin-babel-cached.
19:26github_pdfjs[pdf.js] pdfjsbot force-pushed gh-pages from 760fabe to 9600236:
19:26github_pdfjspdf.js/gh-pages 9600236 pdfjsbot: gh-pages site created via gulpfile.js script...
15 May 2017
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