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12 Jul 2017
12:09duziIn colorspace.js, there is a method Colorspace.getRgbItem which just throws an error. Is it just a stub? If yes, should I avoid writing tests for it?
13:43yuryduzi: it's abstract class. you can skip tests for it
13:45duziyuri: Can you elaborate what 'IR' is(in that file)?
13:46duziWell, I know it can be an array or a string. Just wanted to know what does the name signify?
13:51yuryduzi: it stands for Intermediate Representation
13:51yuryin PDF.js context, it is something which is send between worker and main threads
13:57duziOk. Also, one more thing. In which case does the method Colorspace.parse(...) return and IR which is an instance of AlternateCS?
14:10yuryduzi: Separation and DeviceN are AlternateCS
14:17duziyury: That part returns an array representing AlternateCS. My question is regarding How would this condition be true when we are always returning an array or string. We are never returning an instanceof AlternateCS afaik. I am not sure about case 'ICCBased' though.
14:19yurywe were moving processing from main thread to worker, so there might be dead paths
14:19yuryor inefficient code
14:19yuryduzi: more you can cover in spec -- better
14:20yurysee also
18:36Pomaxyury: small PR due to security announcements by Nodejs
18:39yuryPomax: thanks, there is an extra comma at line 38
18:39Pomaxremoved spurious comma
18:40yurycan you squash that?
18:40* yury wonders if there is a button in for that
18:40Pomaxyou can.
18:40Pomaxmerge button has a pulldown
18:40Pomaxchange it to "squash and merge"
18:41Pomaxsoooo handy
18:41yurywe usually don't do that :)
18:41Pomaxif it can't clearly squash, it'll even let you do conflict resolution on line now
18:42Pomaxwhich I'll be honest, beats the hell out of a text editor and seven cli git commands
18:50mukulyury: can you see this:
18:51mukulI think we need `ReaderDocProgress` message too.
18:51yurymukul: why did you remove code from ReaderHeadersReady?
18:52yuryinstead of sending a message it could just can do whatever DocProgress is doing
18:53mukulSo you mean we can directly do `if (loadingTask.onProgress) {...` in fullReader.headersReady.then()
18:54mukulBut I can't understand why it is breaking progress bar
18:54yurysure, but you can make one step further and extract `if (loadingTask.onProgress) {...}` into some method
18:56yurysomething wrong with the DocProgress -- its logic is not the same
18:56yurytry to keep logic intact
18:58mukulearlier it is sending `DocProgress` back to main only when fullRequest.onReaderDocProgress is set.
19:07yurymukul: DocProgress is also send from chunked stream
19:07yurythis logic must be preserved
19:09mukulyury: okay, but i tested viewer locally and I can't find anything weird.
19:10yurynotice that onReaderDocProgress is bound when range (and streaming) is disabled
19:10mukulI think I am doing something wrong.
19:11yurytry to revert onReaderDocProgress change until it works, make small steps
19:16mukulcan you please tell me how to test for progress bar, I think I am misunderstanding this. As I don't see any weired behaviour in viewer.
19:27yurytry with #disableRange=true and/or #disableStream=true
19:37duziWhat does the src and srcOffset params in signify?
19:38yuryduzi: there is a comment above, src is usually Uint8Array and srcOffset pointer to the byte where data starts
19:40mukulyury: Okay, I think it is working now. Calling `loadingTask.onProgress` directly in `ReaderHeadersReady` make it work.
19:42duziyury: What could be the range of the size of src array?
19:46yuryduzi: the getRgb consumes exactly the number of needed components
19:46yurysometimes it's one, two, three or four
19:47yuryduzi: notice numComps property is different on every CS
19:48duziso you mean src.length === numComps?
19:48yurysrc.length >= srcOffset + numComps
19:49yuryfor getRgb it should not matter
19:53duziWhat does the src array contain? Is it the data related to colors only or does it contain other data too. I guess if it contains other data, then the data regarding colors starts at srcOffset. Correct me If I am wrong.
19:55yuryduzi: so colorspace classes convert the same color from one color space to another
19:56yurye.g. cmyk color 10,20,30,0 will be converted to some rgb color with three component
19:57yuryevery color is represented by more than one number and mutilple colors are usually packed in one continuos array
19:57yuryduzi: make sense so far?
19:59yuryso while for cmyk 12 number array contains 3 colors, it contains 12 colors for gray cs
20:01duziyury: Sorry, I don't get this statement. Can you please elaborate a bit?
20:03yuryif src is array of [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11], there 3 cmyk colors (0,1,2,3),(4,5,6,7),(8,9,10,11)
20:03yurythere are
20:04yurysrcOffset can be 0, 4, 8 for getRgb
20:11duziWhy do we multiply by 255 in
20:12yurysorry, I forgot it is Float32Array, so components in range from [0 .. 1.0)
20:13duzisrc array right?
20:13yurythey will become Uint8Array with components in range [0..256)
20:13duzialright, so you basically multiply by 255 to scale up the value to come in range [0, 255], right?
20:14yuryif it's rgb
20:15duziyeah, depends on the bits each component holds, I guess.
20:17bdahlyury: on does using the default nominalWidthX/defaultWidthX not work?
20:28yurybdahl: nope
20:29bdahlyury: what file does it not work?
20:29yurywe don't support vertical orientation, but you will see the defect
21:00duziyury: I see only ColorSpace exported in Should I also export various color space families since I need to test them?
21:02yuryduzi: can we use ColorSpace.parse to reach them?
21:08duziI don't think so. Even if ColorSpace.parse(...) returns the appropriate CS, how would I be able to access its properties? Correct me if I'm wrong?
21:09yuryduzi: you will need only check if such function getRgb return right values
21:09yurynot need to inspect internal properties of specific CS
21:11yuryduzi: we are interested only what ColorSpace exposes, e.g. getRgb, getRgbBuffer, getOutputLength, and maybe isPassthrough and numComps
21:11duzibut getRgb in turn calls getRgbItem whose implementation differs for various CS I guess
21:12yurygetRgb calls getRgbItem
21:12yuryyou can test getRgbItem instead of getRgb
21:13duziWe would have to test getRgbItem for each specific CS, right?
21:14duziThen, we would need to export the respective CS, right?
21:14yurywhy? an CS is built via ColorSpace.parse
21:15yuryduzi: notice that any CS is inherited from ColorSpace
21:17duziSo, you mean we simple write ColorSpace.parse(...).getRgbItem?
21:17duziduzi: Would that work?
21:19yuryvar cs = ColorSpace.parse( some_dict_xref_res_data_to_init_right_cs);
21:20yurycs.getRgb(..)... cs.getRgbBuffer(...)... cs.getOutputLength(...)...
21:20yurywe have some _spec.js to init fake xref and res
13 Jul 2017
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