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11 Jul 2017
17:29yurymukul: hi
17:30mukulyury: hi
17:30yuryI noticed we have two PDFNetworkStream now
17:30mukulyes, one at main and one at worker.
17:30yuryI wonder if we shall change the one on worker side back to PDFWorkerStream
17:31mukulyeah, sure. sounds like a good idea.
17:31yuryand if you add closure it will appear like you are trying to refactor it
17:32yurybe sure to use new syntax
17:32yurynotices old `method: function xxx_method() {` pattern in the new code
17:33mukulThis needs to be change to `method() {...` ?
17:34yuryyes, please
17:34mukulOkay, sure.
17:54mukulyury: done, can you please check if it looks correct.
20:31yurymukul: i think overall it looks good, you are welcome to make PR even smaller
20:32yurywe need to test that different configurations
20:32mukuleh.., I have test it in IE9
20:33yuryas firefox extension?
20:34yurymukul: I know you like node.js, can you create node_stream.js which will be similar to network.js? (as separate commit/branch)
20:34mukulWhat? firefox extension?
20:35yuryyeah, `gulp firefox` builds extension
20:35yurybut it can be installed only of nightly
20:38mukulI am worried about how to test on IE9.
20:39yurypeople will help
20:40yurytodo's not only for you
20:40mukulOh, Okay. That's nice :)
20:41mukulHow to proceed with node_stream.js ?
20:42mukulcan you please give me some hints?
20:47yurymukul: you know interface
20:48yuryyou need to use fs's readFile to get the data
20:48yuryor http's
20:48* yury does not spend much time with node.js
20:50mukulOkay, then we are not going to use any external package?
20:52mukuland instead of xhr we need to use http?
20:55yuryas example fs will work just fine
20:56yurypeople often trying to use getDocument with path
20:56mukulBut what if it is an URL?
20:59yuryhttp/https will work for that yes
21:00mukulHave to take into account range requests als
21:00yurymukul: after we will land this PR, it will be needed to detect fetch() stream support and use it instead of XHR
21:02mukulyeah, right.
12 Jul 2017
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