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10 Aug 2017
15:20jamesrobinsonHi, I joined the room the other day to talk about creating a viewer that displays several PDFs as one concatenated document. I have a quick question (hopefully) about the simpleviewer example...
15:22jamesrobinsonIf I use the pdf.js/examples/components/simpleviewer.js to load a long document such as the complete works of shakespeare (2919 pages) I get performance problems if I scroll down to pages further in the document
15:22jamesrobinsonHowever, if I load the same document into the main "Viewer" implementation, it doesn't have such problems
15:23jamesrobinsonMy current guess is because when you load a document into the Viewer (web/viewer.html) then it is perhaps loading the document into an ArrayBuffer perhaps?
15:24jamesrobinsonin the open() method in app.js
15:25jamesrobinsonor is the Viewer doing anything else to improve performance that the simpleviewer example isn't doing?
15:33jamesrobinsonomg... it seems to be because in my hacked version of simpleviewer.html I removed the #viewerContainer CSS
15:33jamesrobinsonso my pdfViewer div got huge
15:35jamesrobinsonyou know that feeling when you type out a massive question and then answer it yourself?
15:52hlvehappens a lot. welcome to development :P
11 Aug 2017
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