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20 Mar 2017
01:29GitHubPS[pageshot] dannycoates commented on issue #2422: Nice catch @niharikak101 :)...
04:40GitHubPS[pageshot] garbados commented on issue #2404: OK, I restored `shared/shot.js` to match the version on master, and modified `makeUuid.js` to use getRandomValues with the pre-existing 'xxxxx...'.replace approach. How's it look?
14:28GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k commented on issue #2301: ulfr pointed out this blog post on idat chunks too:
14:31GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k commented on issue #2219: +1 ...
14:38GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2423: Add `object-src 'none'` to CSP to disable plugins
14:46GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2424: Remove unsafe-inline style-src from CSP
14:49GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2425: Add frame-ancestors 'none' to CSP
14:59GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2426: Remove undefined img-src when contentOrigin isn't set
15:11GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2427: Add HPKP header
15:16GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2428: POST /timing returns 500
15:30GitHubPS[pageshot] SoftVision-CosminMuntean opened issue #2429: Page Shot button no longer redirects you to the "My Shots" page if it's clicked from Activity Stream New Tab
15:36GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2430: Use yarn for package management
16:15ianbickingCosminMCG: pauloiegasSV:
16:15pauloiegasSVthanks ! :)
16:43GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2431: Set regex input matcher lengths
16:50GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened pull request #2432: readme: Add note about supported firefoxes for --setup-profile (master...add-readme-setup-profile-note)
16:59GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k commented on issue #2431: These are implicitly bound by the max upload size, but we can be stricter.
17:36GitHubPS[pageshot] wresuolc commented on issue #2429: @dannycoates has a PR that might fix this
17:36GitHubPS[pageshot] wresuolc commented on issue #2428: Let's remove /timing
17:40GitHubPS[pageshot] ckprice commented on issue #2424: Ian thinks we had a reason why this is here. Nice to have == Next
17:42GitHubPS[pageshot] ckprice commented on issue #2421: Don't think we can do, but we could ask in #team-addons
17:43GitHubPS[pageshot] ckprice commented on issue #2420: Ian noted that having Raven run in the high privileged could be a security risk.
17:44GitHubPS[pageshot] johngruen commented on issue #2418: since we're doing this, could we set default search to DDG and about:newtab to the blank screen?
17:45GitHubPS[pageshot] ckprice commented on issue #2417: @flodolo any advice on how to get this going? Is there pseudo locale support we can use for WE's?
17:47GitHubPS[pageshot] flodolo commented on issue #2417: Unfortunately I don't think we have anything for this (in general). ...
17:52GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2399: This is done and confirmed
17:53GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2398: I'm pretty sure this is done, but it was from a long time ago and double-checking this would be good.
17:56_6a68MBP is about to die :-(
18:18_6a68Thanks everybody! Sorry that one went over a bit
18:18ianbickingjgruen: strings:
18:18GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2433: Some errors in auth.js should map to LOGIN_ERROR
18:19GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2434: Confirm error messages in senderror exist
18:20GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb pushed 2 new commits to master:
18:20GitHubPSpageshot/master 489ae40 Greg Guthe: readme: Add note about supported firefoxes for --setup-profile
18:20GitHubPSpageshot/master 93e8344 Ian Bicking: Merge pull request #2432 from g-k/add-readme-setup-profile-note...
18:20ianbickingdcoates: Ill leave for you to review/merge?
18:21ianbickingdcoates: and you said is ready for review?
18:22dcoatesyeah, but i can add the activity stream part to it also
18:22ianbickingdcoates: ok, sure, just re-ping me then?
18:54GitHubPS[pageshot] dannycoates opened issue #2435: Error when trying to screenshot
18:55dcoatesianbicking: #2368 is ready again
18:57GitHubPS[pageshot] pdehaan commented on issue #2380: > Is there any way to map shortlog names to GitHub usernames?...
19:01GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on pull request #2368 4caf735: There might be a whitelist of WebExtension schemes, but I don't know what it is exactly
19:18_6a68ianbicking: should I just merge, or did you want to take another look?
19:20GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb closed pull request #2397: Observe prefs and control webextension startup and shutdown via a pref (master...enabling-pref)
19:20GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb pushed 1 new commit to master:
19:20GitHubPSpageshot/master cd33c8a Ian Bicking: Merge pull request #2397 from mozilla-services/enabling-pref...
19:20GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb closed issue #2370: Remove deviceInfo pref after migrating
19:20GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb deleted enabling-pref at b28d687:
19:20ianbickingit is so done
19:24_6a68^_^ thx
20:17GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2413 c53d27c: I guess this is okay: it's not an accurate check for objecthood, but it's unlikely that `null`, an array, or some oddball object like `Math` would ever get passed in here.
20:17GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 closed issue #2220: Use site-helper to login on page visit
20:17GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 deleted sitehelper-login at c53d27c:
20:20GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2205: I think we have the addon part of localization completely planned out at this point, so I'm going to remove the 'beta blocker' label and tweak the title.
20:21557A6UHSP[pageshot] 6a68 closed issue #2205: Plan server localization
20:21203A6TJMS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2205: Hmm. Actually, we have a plan for server localization, too. So, I'm going to go ahead and close this.
20:25GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on pull request #2413 c53d27c: The type coercion here is a little sloppy, but objects in particular (as opposed to strings and numbers and null) trigger permission problems when transferring them between the add-on and content. I forgot about null==object though, that's an annoying case, but at least undefined (as when the argument isn't given) will be left alone.
20:25ianbicking_6a68: re: auth, pages arent entirely public, when you are the owner youll see a delete button and be able to change the expiration, etc.
20:27GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2428: Note the `/timing` route is in `server/src/server.js`
20:32GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2435: Content scripts are disabled on Mozilla sites that are `mozAddonManager` whitelisted. See for related discussion....
20:34GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2295: Got an update on this issue from @johngruen today: looking at next week for final strings. We should be good to start localization after that.
20:35GitHubPS[pageshot] johngruen commented on issue #2295: I should have an initial PR tomorrow
20:39GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2435: Probably we should disable Page Shot on these sites....
20:42GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2435: Hmm. We should be able to detect such pages via `'mozAddonManager' in navigator`. If it's true, then bail.
20:43GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2435: I don't believe we can access navigator from the background page.
20:48GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2419: @ianb Hmm, the notification looks a bit odd:...
20:49GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2419: I suppose we could strip `/^error:\s+/i` from the message
21:36GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb created pageshot-classname-removal (+22 new commits):
21:36GitHubPSpageshot/pageshot-classname-removal 2c1e7a9 Ian Bicking: Change code that reads className to classList...
21:36GitHubPSpageshot/pageshot-classname-removal 0a5e773 Ian Bicking: Remove pageshot-saver from isHeader check...
21:36GitHubPSpageshot/pageshot-classname-removal 586da24 Ian Bicking: Remove references to myshots-reminder, which was removed
21:40GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb pushed 1 new commit to pageshot-classname-removal:
21:40GitHubPSpageshot/pageshot-classname-removal 0c78069 Ian Bicking: Rename goto-pageshot metric to goto-homepage...
21:41GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened pull request #2436: Pageshot classname removal (master...pageshot-classname-removal)
21:42travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2753 (pageshot-classname-removal - 0716727 : Ian Bicking)
21:46travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2754 (pageshot-classname-removal - 0c78069 : Ian Bicking)
22:00GitHubPS[pageshot] niharikak101 commented on issue #2422: Hey @dannycoates thank you for breaking it down so nicely! :)...
22:05GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2437: don't redirect to data: and javascript: protocols/schemes
22:57GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2435: Good point!...
22:58GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2419: I'm seeing that busted notification in a few other spots, so I"ll just file a bug about it and finish this review
23:08GitHubPS[pageshot] g-k opened issue #2438: validate request body objects before parsing as JSON
23:12GitHubPS[pageshot] dannycoates commented on issue #2422: > error handling of the text should probably be done before the function is called...
23:15GitHubPS[pageshot] dannycoates commented on issue #2422: > error handling of the text should probably be done before the function is called...
23:19GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 created fix-notifications (+1 new commit):
23:19GitHubPSpageshot/fix-notifications 3bf2fe9 Jared Hirsch: Always pass empty strings, not null, to notifications API
23:21GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 force-pushed fix-notifications from 3bf2fe9 to 9d739fa:
23:21GitHubPSpageshot/fix-notifications 9d739fa Jared Hirsch: Always pass empty strings, not null, to notifications API
23:24GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2439: Create email address to replace pageshot-report
23:25travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2756 (fix-notifications - 3bf2fe9 : Jared Hirsch)
23:26GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 force-pushed fix-notifications from 9d739fa to 4f70b6e:
23:26GitHubPSpageshot/fix-notifications 4f70b6e Jared Hirsch: Always pass empty strings, not null, to notifications API
23:27travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2757 (fix-notifications - 9d739fa : Jared Hirsch)
23:30GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 opened pull request #2440: Pass empty strings, not null, to notifications API (master...fix-notifications)
23:32GitHubPS[pageshot] zelitomas opened issue #2441: UI - Expiration time can't be changed if URL of screenshoted page is too long
23:41GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 closed pull request #2419: Better server unavailable error (master...better-server-unavailable-error)
23:41GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 closed issue #2305: Confirm errors when server isn't available
23:41GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 deleted better-server-unavailable-error at dd75b42:
23:48GitHubPS[pageshot] dannycoates closed pull request #2440: Pass empty strings, not null, to notifications API (master...fix-notifications)
23:49GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 deleted fix-notifications at 4f70b6e:
23:49GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb pushed 12 new commits to pageshot-classname-removal:
23:49GitHubPSpageshot/pageshot-classname-removal 80afe21 Ian Bicking: Remove help page that wasn't linked to
23:49GitHubPSpageshot/pageshot-classname-removal e96b86e Ian Bicking: Rename readable/text versions of 'Page Shot' to be 'Firefox Screenshots' or 'Screenshots'
23:49GitHubPSpageshot/pageshot-classname-removal e54b27b Ian Bicking: Rename miscellaneous small instances of 'pageshot'
23:51ianbicking_6a68: oh, just noticed you claimed that for review. I will refrain from pushing more, though thats most of what I planned
23:51ianbickinguntil we rename the repo and id
23:51_6a68cool, do we need to wait to rename the repo?
23:52_6a68and does id refer to the bootstrapped addon id in install.rdf, I'm guessing?
23:52ianbicking_6a68: I want to be sure we rename some public locations once we rename the repo, but thats it
23:52ianbicking_6a68: and yes, the id in install.rdf, and theres a couple places things are derived from that name
23:52_6a68ah. public mowiki pages, stuff like that?
23:53ianbicking_6a68: yeah, at least look around some, though itll redirect so its not that big a deal
23:53_6a68 reviewing and testing that PR now
23:55circleci-botFailed: ianb's build (#150; push) in mozilla-services/pageshot (pageshot-classname-removal) --
23:55travis-ciThe build was broken.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2762 (pageshot-classname-removal - 2bb7b84 : Ian Bicking)
21 Mar 2017
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