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17 Mar 2017
03:45GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 force-pushed enabling-pref from 066da49 to 66d553f:
03:45GitHubPSpageshot/enabling-pref 66d553f Jared Hirsch: Finish up webextension toggle on pref change
03:51travis-ciThe build is still failing.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2720 (enabling-pref - 66d553f : Jared Hirsch)
04:02GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 force-pushed enabling-pref from 66d553f to c020dcc:
04:02GitHubPSpageshot/enabling-pref d384feb Jared Hirsch: Fix #2332, fix #2333: toggle webextension on pref change
04:02GitHubPSpageshot/enabling-pref c020dcc Jared Hirsch: Fix #2370, unset deviceId pref set by old addon
04:07travis-ciThe build is still failing.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2722 (enabling-pref - c020dcc : Jared Hirsch)
04:07circleci-botFailed: 6a68's build (#128; push) in mozilla-services/pageshot (enabling-pref) --
04:44GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2333: Hitting some super weird errors. It's surprisingly quite difficult to get the embedding bootstrapped extension to load properly; `./bin/run-addon --bootstrap` does not seem to consistently work. I cannot figure out why....
17:03GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2412: Move scripts below <body>
17:26GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2315: I think this is done for now; Windows still doesn&#39;t work, but that&#39;s a much bigger task than just fixing bin/run-addon
18:43pgadigeI wonder why I&#39;m unable to see the &#39;My Shots&#39; page after saving a screenshot in debug mode at http://localhost:10080/shots
18:44ianbickingpgadige: huh, Im not sure. If you havent saved a shot, you wont be logged in (for that session), for complicated reasons that still need to be fixed
18:44ianbickingpgadige: but when you save a shot, it should set the cookie and for that session My Shots will work
18:46pgadigeWell, I think I saved the shot by clicking on the blue &#39;Save&#39; button that appears below the shot. How do I actually ensure the shot has been saved?
18:46ianbickingpgadige: did a new tab open up with the shot?
18:47pgadigeianbicking: I&#39;m afraid not.
18:47ianbickingpgadige: OK, then something went wrong saving. It should have opened a popup with an error message, but for that particular error it hasnt lately
18:47ianbickingpgadige: e.g., if you just dont start the local server, right now it is silently failing
18:49pgadigeyes. It is silently failing. Well, I could see that the authentication has not been made at all. Perhaps, I&#39;m missing a puzzle piece
18:50ianbickingpgadige: is the server running, and does it give an error?
18:51GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb created sitehelper-login (+4 new commits):
18:51GitHubPSpageshot/sitehelper-login 3e0df35 Ian Bicking: Add a little more information to errors from callBackground calls...
18:51GitHubPSpageshot/sitehelper-login 7a7c038 Ian Bicking: Remove port from content_scripts.matches, as it doesn&#39;t work and isn&#39;t needed for a match
18:51GitHubPSpageshot/sitehelper-login ae3e9ff Ian Bicking: Remove unused file
18:51pgadigeianbicking: the server is running fine w/o any error
18:51ianbickingpgadige: do you see a request from the add-on in the server logs? The add-on should be making a PUT request when you save
18:54GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened pull request #2413: Sitehelper login (master...sitehelper-login)
18:55pgadigeianbicking:when I save, I see 2 POST method calls, one with Request URL http://localhost:10080/event, and the other with http://localhost:10080/api/login
18:56ianbickingpgadige: /event is submitting a metric event, and then /api/login is an attempt to authenticate before saving
18:56ianbickingpgadige: presumably that request is failing, or the add-on is failing to handle the response?
18:57travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2724 (sitehelper-login - c53d27c : Ian Bicking)
18:57pgadigeianbicking:yes, I suppose the authentication is failing, and hence, I&#39;m unable to save any screenshot
18:58GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2414: Add wantsauth handling to My Shots
18:58ianbickingpgadige: do you see an error in your browser console? (
19:01GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2415: Ensure authentication before navigating to My Shots
19:01pgadigeianbicking: I see one specific error most of the time, `TypeError: aWindow is null`
19:02ianbickingpgadige: yeah, I believe thats unrelated to Page Shot, or at least doesnt cause any problem
19:04pgadigewell to run an instance of firefox with the add-on, I executed `./bin/run-addon`, and I could see that the webextension has been installed as a temporary add-on
19:05ianbickingpgadige: and if you visit http://localhost:10080 ?
19:05ianbickingwell, I imagine that works...
19:05GitHubPS[pageshot] pdehaan commented on pull request #2397 c020dcc: ```...
19:06GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on pull request #2397 c020dcc: I&#39;ve been generous adding `/* globals */` to my code
19:07pgadigeianbicking: Its strange. http://localhost:10080 does not work. says can&#39;t establish connection to the server
19:07ianbickingpgadige: oh! Sometimes an exception in the server will cause it to shut down
19:08ianbickingpgadige: so maybe /api/login is throwing an exception?
19:08ianbickingwait, no, that *shouldnt* happen, we do have an exception handler, though some errors will cause it to shut down
19:08ianbickinge.g., database errors
19:13pgadigeianbicking:I don&#39;t see any exception being thrown by /api/login because the network tab says /api/login has no response
19:14pgadigedatabase errors! how can check for those?
19:15_6a68pgadige: if you use the dev server instead of a local server, can you see My Shots?
19:16_6a68like this: ./bin/run-addon -s
19:16_6a68nice to split the problem space and make sure it&#39;s not an addon issue, before digging into local database problems :-)
19:19pgadigewith `./bin/run-addon -s` I don&#39;t see the Pageshot add-on installed on firefox
19:19pgadigenor do I am able to connect to http://localhost:10080
19:25ianbickinghm, I get an error saving a shot with ./bin/run-addon -s but the addon does start up for me
19:26GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2416: Link copy popup should not display when request failed
19:30pgadigeianbicking _6a68 it worked finally. Now I could see My Shots page. There was a POST method call to /api/login with a response &quot;no such user&quot;, immediately, there was another POST method call to register user, and then, I could see a POST method call to ``
19:30_6a68pgadige: what changed? how did you get it working?
19:31pgadigewell, it was very singular though, I simply &#39;Reload&#39;ed the add-on at about:debugging page
19:31pgadigeand viola! it worked
19:31pgadigebut I still want to know why it refused to work before
19:34pgadigehowever, http://localhost:10080 still refuses to connect
19:36ianbickingpgadige: but you can create a shot and the shot URL is at http://localhost:10080 /
19:39pgadigeAs I understand, we get shot URL value as part of the response of PUT request?
19:39ianbickingpgadige: the add-on decides on the URL, and PUTs to it
19:39ianbickingso like PUT http://localhost:10080/e939sa3k/
19:40ianbickingand the addon should open a tab with that URL as well (after the PUT finishes)
19:41GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2417: Add fake locale
19:42pgadigethe shot URL in my case is (the one I see in browser&#39;s address bar)
19:42ianbickingpgadige: ah, okay, so you got ./bin/run-addon -s working
19:42ianbickingpgadige: OK, thats good, that means the add-on is working okay, but apparently the local server is not
19:42pgadigeyes, and it worked after a Reload
19:43ianbickingpgadige: that -s argument tells the add-on to use a different server
19:43pgadigeaha I shall note that one
19:43ianbickingif you are doing development that doesnt need server changes, then you can continue to develop like that
19:44_6a68yes, I suggested the -s option so that you could split the problem set, and make sure the addon was working properly before assuming the issue was with the local server
19:45dcoatesianbicking: in what case is `iframe.sizeTracking.timer` used for?
19:45pgadigethank you ianbicking and _6a68. I&#39;m not sure though, I still wonder why the local server is giving trouble. Meanwhile, I shall work with the one that is running now
19:46ianbickingdcoates: we were collecting timing information I think? It was going into GA. We never really got anything out of it though
19:46ianbickingdcoates: wait, o
19:46ianbickingthats all wrong
19:46ianbickingdcoates: oh, thats to watch for the page itself to resize
19:47ianbickingdcoates: since we have to set the iframe size explicitly to get it to cover the whole page, we have a timer to see if the page changes size at any point
19:48dcoatesah, right ok. so our new first iframe shouldn&#39;t need that but the selection one still will
19:58GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 opened issue #2418: add helpful prefs to profile generated by `run-addon --setup-profile`
19:59_6a68ianbicking: just curious, why can&#39;t the selection iframe be given position:fixed or position:absolute with top, left, right, bottom all 0? been a while since I did iframe stuff, I forget when you&#39;d need to monitor resizing
20:07GitHubPS[pageshot] pdehaan commented on pull request #2397 c020dcc: > @ianb: _&quot;I&#39;ve been generous adding `/* globals */` to my code&quot;_...
20:08GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on pull request #2397 c020dcc: They are like pretend import statements!
20:11ianbicking_6a68: <body> is special and theres no way to cover it :(
20:12ianbicking_6a68: though it makes some sense that its special, because the body is whatever size it needs to be to contain everything, including the iframe we add
20:25pgadigebesides using grep, is there a script or a config file that will give a list of files in which an XMLHttpRequest is being made?
20:28pgadigeianbicking:I&#39;m glad the github&#39;s output matches with the grep&#39;s output :)
20:30GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 pushed 4 new commits to enabling-pref:
20:30GitHubPSpageshot/enabling-pref cd5eb7a Jared Hirsch: WIP - add some debugging code
20:30GitHubPSpageshot/enabling-pref 09686f2 Jared Hirsch: see if casting to nsIFileURI helps...
20:30GitHubPSpageshot/enabling-pref 8c17562 Jared Hirsch: Yes, now I see the bootstrap.js log lines with this run-addon incantation:...
20:36travis-ciThe build is still failing.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2726 (enabling-pref - efdf771 : Jared Hirsch)
21:40GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 pushed 1 new commit to enabling-pref:
21:40GitHubPSpageshot/enabling-pref 860b2fe Jared Hirsch: Seems to be totally working
21:42GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 pushed 1 new commit to enabling-pref:
21:42GitHubPSpageshot/enabling-pref 4c4319f Jared Hirsch: Linter fixes
21:42GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2397 4c4319f: Ah yeah, thanks @pdehaan. Updated globals.
21:45GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2397: @ianb Would you mind giving this branch a try? It seems to be totally working for me....
21:46circleci-botFailed: 6a68&#39;s build (#131; push) in mozilla-services/pageshot (enabling-pref) --;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=irc
21:46travis-ciThe build is still failing.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2728 (enabling-pref - 860b2fe : Jared Hirsch)
21:48travis-ciThe build was fixed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2730 (enabling-pref - 4c4319f : Jared Hirsch)
22:39GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb created better-server-unavailable-error (+2 new commits):
22:39GitHubPSpageshot/better-server-unavailable-error 3b022ce Ian Bicking: Suppress a ReferenceError warning in shot.js through a guard
22:39GitHubPSpageshot/better-server-unavailable-error dd75b42 Ian Bicking: Fix #2305, signal an error when the server isn&#39;t available...
22:39GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened pull request #2419: Better server unavailable error (master...better-server-unavailable-error)
22:45travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2732 (better-server-unavailable-error - dd75b42 : Ian Bicking)
22:51GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on pull request #2397 4c4319f: This is probably my fault too, but the expression here is incorrect. I think it&#39;s `(! USER_ENABLE_PREF) || SYSTEM_ENABLE_PREF` as a result setting `extensions.pageshot.systemdisabled` to true forces Page Shot *on* rather than off.
22:54ianbicking_6a68: back at ya, but looks good besides those comments
22:55ianbickinghave a good weekend yall!
22:56ianbickingoh, one thing, renaming: failed to get any work done on that at all :(
23:08GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2397: thanks for looking! I&#39;ll fixup the logic
18 Mar 2017
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