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14 Mar 2017
00:00dcoatesok, glad its not just me
00:10GitHubPS[pageshot] wresuolc commented on issue #2332: /cc @gregglind -- this is our plan for rolling out to users slowly in 54. Other than confirming the name of this pref and figuring out the rollout percentages, is there anything else we need to do to coordinate with a shield rollout?...
01:10dcoates(function () {...})()ing like its 1999 ;)
01:11dcoatesjust teasing
02:19GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 063c2b4: :+1: The rebuild is pretty cheap, for now at least (one locale...)
02:19GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 063c2b4: :+1:
02:19GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 063c2b4: :+1: removed
02:20GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 063c2b4: (To be clear, this is upstream code that I'm hoping Les will turn into an npm package. We're using copypasta because it's expedient.)...
02:20GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 063c2b4: Hmm. I agree that it's hard to see how `langcode` could fail to exist.
02:20GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 063c2b4: I think we're good here, since `split` splits globally by default:...
02:20GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 063c2b4: :+1: changed (I went ahead and [upstreamed]( that suggestion :-)
02:20GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 063c2b4: :+1:
02:25GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on pull request #2358 f9e24d7: er, removed and gitignore'd
02:28GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2358: @ianb Updated. Mind taking another look?
03:02GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 closed pull request #2371: Migrate sdk (master...migrate-sdk)
03:02GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 pushed 1 new commit to master:
03:02GitHubPSpageshot/master 83c2c07 Jared Hirsch: Merge pull request #2371 from mozilla-services/migrate-sdk...
03:02GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 deleted migrate-sdk at 64213c0:
03:03GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2373: :+1: LGTM
03:03GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 closed pull request #2373: Fix 2271 (master...fix-2271)
03:03GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 closed issue #2271: "TypeError: selectedPos is undefined" error is displayed after trying to save a selection using the "Enter" key
03:03GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 pushed 1 new commit to master:
03:03GitHubPSpageshot/master 1f7556b Jared Hirsch: Merge pull request #2373 from mozilla-services/fix-2271...
03:03GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 deleted fix-2271 at a8024b6:
03:08GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2348: @Standard8 Let me know if I can help with fixing the broken tests. I'm sort-of familiar with Gecko, haven't pushed to try since 2014 (and then it was FxOS), but I'd like to learn how this stuff works.
03:09travis-ciThe build was broken.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2644 (master - 83c2c07 : Jared Hirsch)
04:17GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 closed issue #2245: Installing from dev server leads to error
04:55GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 opened issue #2374: Should the addon and website always use the same language?
06:27GitHubPS[pageshot] flodolo commented on issue #2374: CC also @zbraniecki because content vs UI language selection is a topic he's definitely familiar with (see also [this bug](
08:30GitHubPS[pageshot] SoftVision-CosminMuntean commented on issue #2364: We already had a title, but it seems that is no longer displayed on the latest version. I have logged another issue for this #2360. ...
09:08GitHubPS[pageshot] SoftVision-CiprianMuresan commented on issue #2364: We already had a title, but it seems that is no longer displayed on the latest version. I have logged another issue for this #2360. ...
09:30GitHubPS[pageshot] TLHuang commented on issue #2308: The measurement for Shots Index Page is ready, please refer to [Shots Index Page Measurement](, and here is the link to [all the assets]( Here you can preview [all Shots Index screens](
09:31GitHubPS[pageshot] TLHuang commented on issue #2308: The measurement for Shots Index Page is ready, please refer to [Shots Index Page Measurement](, and here is the link to [all the assets]( Here you can preview [all Shots Index screens](
09:49GitHubPS[pageshot] fangshih commented on issue #2307: For the onboarding visual spec, most of the spec are ready. ...
10:01GitHubPS[pageshot] fangshih commented on issue #2312: For the Non-Owners ...
10:01GitHubPS[pageshot] fangshih commented on issue #2312: For the Non-Owners ...
10:01GitHubPS[pageshot] fangshih commented on issue #2312: For the **Non-Owners** ...
10:01GitHubPS[pageshot] fangshih commented on issue #2312: For the **Non-Owners** Shot page...
11:03GitHubPS[pageshot] TLHuang commented on issue #2103: Sorry for the late reply. I've updated the face icon to the [asset folder](, also updated the latest measurement, please refer to [Taking Shot Measurement]( For the final screens, you can find them [here](
12:25GitHubPS[pageshot] niharikak101 commented on issue #2258: Working on this! :)
13:50GitHubPS[pageshot] Standard8 commented on issue #2362: > But generally I think this sort of thing works best as a shell script, not a Makefile target. It's easier to add more steps and tests, and call out to make as necessary to ensure everything is refreshed. E.g., I might add if [[ ~ -d "$EXPORT_MC_LOCATION/browser/" ]] ; then echo "Firefox directory $EXPORT_MC_LOCATION does not look like a checkout" ; exit 1 ; fi...
13:50GitHubPS[pageshot] Standard8 closed pull request #2362: Fixes #2318: Provides export_addon makefile rule to export pageshot into a mozilla-central based repository. (master...export-command)
13:50GitHubPS[pageshot] Standard8 deleted export-command at bcdd95d:
14:33GitHubPS[pageshot] Standard8 commented on issue #2365: @ianb - we have two options:...
14:53GitHubPS[pageshot] niharikak101 commented on issue #2258: There seems to be an issue with the confirmation page as well: ...
15:17Standard8ianbicking: just a thought, one of you folks might also want to start attending the firefox weekly meeting -
15:18_6a68Standard8: I'm in the meeting, Wil has been attending as well :-)
15:18Standard8oh heh
15:18_6a68I'll cover page shot updates in the test pilot section
15:18_6a68thanks for mentioning it though
15:19_6a68ianbicking: mconley mnentioned just now that e10s-multi will be tried out in 54 beta. we'd better make sure page shot works under e10s-multi, currently in testing on aurora 54
15:21Standard8seeing as most of it is a webextension, Id have thought youd generally be alright
15:22_6a68Standard8: cool, I'm not clear on what new errors might be introduced by the change from one to multiple content processes
15:48_6a68Standard8 | ianbicking do you want to just start our meeting now?
15:49Standard8yeah sure
15:58_6a68dcoates: some Gecko / mozilla-central workflow links ^^
16:03Standard8./mach test dom/network/tests/test_network_basics.html
16:03Standard8./mach mochitest --jsdebugger dom/browser-element/mochitest/priority/test_HighPriority.html
16:07Standard8PAGESHOT_BACKEND= EXPORT_MC_LOCATION=../gecko make export_addon
16:28_6a68lol, what?
16:28* Standard8 is confused
16:29Standard8oh interesting
16:29Standard8So I thought there was some weird state going on - I was reloading the test page in the browser & it was alternating between passing and failing
16:30Standard8however, on closer inspection, it is actually toggling the preference
16:31_6a68ah, of course
16:36GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2365: I'd like to just integrate the entire of the eslint config. My only concern is it tends to require a big diff that conflicts with other changes, so whoever does it should try to get it done quickly once they start.
16:43GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb created pr/2358 (+2 new commits):
16:43GitHubPSpageshot/pr/2358 f9e24d7 Jared Hirsch: Add pontoon strings & build step to transform into webextension strings...
16:43GitHubPSpageshot/pr/2358 11b9c24 Ian Bicking: Remove superfluous dependency in addon_locales, and add _locales to make clean
16:43GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened pull request #2375: Pr/2358 (
16:44557A6RZWQ[pageshot] ianb closed pull request #2375: Pr/2358 (
16:44203A6Q2SO[pageshot] ianb closed pull request #2358: 2294 pontoon to webextension (master...2294-pontoon-to-webextension)
16:44GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb deleted pr/2358 at 11b9c24:
16:49GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2368: You might want to add a fix for to this the error message should be slightly different, but otherwise it's the same logic.
16:49_6a68dcoates | ianbicking: I posted Mark's notes on running the FIrefox tests to the discourse list:
16:49travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2647 (pr/2358 - 11b9c24 : Ian Bicking)
16:49_6a68Standard8: if I got anything wrong there ^^, let me know and I'll be happy to fix it
16:53GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2295: Filed [bug 1347219]( Keeping this open as a tracking bug.
16:54GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2376: Remove URL collection
16:54_6a68ckprice: quick l10n update, l10n code has landed for the addon. next step is to get pontoon hooked up. I've filed a bug to do that, and you're CC'd on it: Also tracking as bug 2295 in the pageshot github repo
16:54GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2342: I put an implementation plan in #2376
16:59Standard8_6a68: looks good
17:00Standard8in other news, it appears to be something specifically about webextensions / content_scripts thats the issue. Not sure what yet, even an empty content script causes that test to fail
17:00Standard8Ill probably dig some more, and if I cant find anything Ill come up with a basic test case and git it on a bug
17:00ianbickingStandard8: so if you remove things work?
17:01Standard8ianbicking: correct
17:02Standard8definitely makes me think webextensions
17:02Standard8or perf maybe (I dont think so though)
17:02ianbickingStandard8: like a timing issue?
17:03Standard8possible, though I think unlikely
17:03ianbickingyeah though maybe some of the errors, there is after all a variety :-/
17:03GitHubPS[pageshot] pdehaan commented on issue #2365: In other interesting news, I can't get **eslint-plugin-mozilla** to work at all....
17:05Standard8anyway, Ill dig into it more after dinner
17:34dcoatesjgruen: it'd be cool if we had the icon in svg
17:35jgruendcoates: okay
17:40GitHubPS[pageshot] zbraniecki commented on issue #2374: Heh, interesting....
17:41GitHubPS[pageshot] zbraniecki commented on issue #2374: Also, we would like to expose the new localization API for Firefox for WebExtensions as we believe it to be substantially superior to the Chrome i18n API....
17:50_6a68might be late to the checkin. my updates: addon l10n landed, just waiting on pontoon; posted notes on firefox tests to discourse
17:53catleehi! pageshot has been completely broken for me on nightly for a while
17:54catleeI thought it had been disabled
17:54catleeI tried disabling it in testpilot, but it fails to disable
17:54catleeI've tried removing the pageshot addon, but testpilot still thinks I have it
17:54catleeI have no pageshot button available in the toolbar
17:58GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb created fix-2314 (+1 new commit):
17:58GitHubPSpageshot/fix-2314 a816438 Ian Bicking: Fix #2314, generate install.rdf from package.json version...
17:58GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened pull request #2377: Fix #2314, generate install.rdf from package.json version (master...fix-2314)
17:59ianbickingcatlee: huh, I just tried it with Nightly and its working for me. Is there anything notable in the browser console?
18:00catleeianbicking: not that I see
18:01ianbickingcatlee: Im guessing there must be some error during startup, which keeps the button from displaying, but its still installed. But Im not sure what
18:01catleeah, I think I saw a CSP error
18:01catleeContent Security Policy: The pages settings blocked the loading of a resource at self (script-src Source: onsubmit attribute on DIV element.
18:01clouserwI have a conflict with the stand up
18:01ianbickingnah, that wouldnt do much
18:01catleethat's when I try and disable it anyway
18:02catleebut it never actually shuts off
18:04travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2650 (fix-2314 - a816438 : Ian Bicking)
18:13_6a68dcoates: did you have any updates that I missed?
18:13_6a68cool. need reviews or anything, let me know
18:22dcoatesjgruen: can you comment on
18:22ianbickingdcoates: jgruen: we were more clever in the SDK addon about this stuff, and it was a source of pain, if we could keep it simple thatd be cool
18:23jgruenkk one sec
18:23ianbickingcatlee: hrm, Im afraid I dont have any more ideas, unless theres something in the console right at startup
18:24ianbickingnot uninstalling is very odd, that shouldnt happen, I didnt think an add-on could even make that happen
18:24dcoatesim ok with whatever
18:25jgruenhmm, dcoates disabling seems more elegant to me, but i see ianbicking's point about the tradeoff of having an event listener everywhere
18:25jgruenis that perf hit quantifiable?
18:26ianbickingwatching tab switches and stuff is where it gets more annoying
18:26clouserwsorry I missed the stand-up, I had a 1:1. I read the notes, let me know if I'm on the hook for anything
18:26ianbickingjgruen: Im guessing talos could see the hit if there was one? But we havent started that testing yet
18:27GitHubPS[pageshot] pdehaan commented on issue #2365: In other interesting news, I can't get **eslint-plugin-mozilla** to work at all....
18:29dcoateswe could psych people out and disable it _after_ they click
18:29ianbickinggaslight our users
18:33jgruenianbicking: wanna merge and look for issues in testing?
18:33ianbickingjgruen: merge which?
18:33jgrueni think flipping back to error messages would be not too hard
18:33jgruenthe disable
18:33ianbickingjgruen: dcoates: I think its a known issue that it wont track tab changes, right?
18:34ianbickingor maybe Im forgetting the implementation
18:34ianbickingoh, maybe onUpdated is called in those cases too
18:35ianbickingoh, no, it has to keep track of its disabled state to handle that
18:35dcoatesjgruen: there's more work to do if we want to monitor the state the button should be in
18:35jgruenoh, dcoates in that case, maybe we should just go with a message panel
18:36ianbickingin which case, I guess in browserAction it just has to throw the right kind of exception
18:36ianbickingdcoates: theres some predefined exception messages in catcher.js
18:36jgruenthis isn't one-right-answer kind of thing
18:36jgruenlet's go with competent and understandable
18:36jgruenerror panel seems good
18:38ianbickingdcoates: also I noted another bug that could be solved with the same patch, not allowing pageshot to be used on pageshot urls
18:43GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2378: Rename everything to Screenshots
18:48reludckprice: wrt new domain names, is an option for the cdn, or is it a requirement that it be a separate domain name? (instead of a subdomain of
18:49* relud is a little unclear on the matter
18:49ianbickingrelud: I would defer to ulfr on that
18:49reludokay, i'll ask him
18:51reludulfr says separate domain, just to be paranoid
18:55reludianbicking: do you know how deeply we are purging the pageshot name? will pageshot remain as the project codename?
18:56ianbickingrelud: Id like to change it everywhere
18:56reludianbicking: cool
18:56ianbickingrelud: has a list of things (could be added to)
18:57reludooh, tyty
19:07rpapapjenvey: this run looks much better
19:19dcoatesjgruen: ianbicking: what do you think?
19:20jgrueni like the color, maybe not THAT color :)
19:20jgruenbut merge it...i can f with it later
19:20dcoatesyeah. not a good green :)
19:22jgruentry #00fdff
19:23* dcoates lunches
19:23jgrueni see how it is
19:27ianbickingdcoates: sure, though Im guessing it still has to handle tab changes too
19:27_6a68jgruen: are we going to localize the 'firefox screenshots' product name, since it's intentionally generic?
19:27ianbickingactually, thats a good testing question: what happens if you activate Page Shot on more than one tab at a time, mix up the saves and stuff
19:27jgruen_6a68: i am trying to figure that out right now
19:28_6a68jgruen: cool! mind if I needinfo you on the bugzilla pontoon bug, and you can update it when you figure that out?
19:28dcoatesianbicking: setIcon handles that
19:29jgruenNo i don't mind
19:29_6a68thanks jgruen
19:29ianbickingdcoates: oh, cool
19:30ianbickingwhen webextensions arent impossible, they are better dcoates: maybe disabling is also attached to tabs, so we dont have to track active tab changing, just url changes?
19:38jgruenianbicking: i put all the strings from the mockups here:
19:38jgruenThis is where michelle will update and finalize strings, going to meet with her today and get her working on finalizing
19:39_6a68jgruen: hey, some of the existing strings will need to be updated as well:
19:39_6a68was just going to ask you if michelle needs to do a final pass and tweak phrases like 'take a shot' into 'take a screenshot', maybe it can all get done at once?
19:40ianbicking_6a68: jgruen: those are basically two copies of the same strings, right?
19:40_6a68looks like it, yup
19:40jgruenyeah, looks like it...
19:41_6a68the error messages look very different though
19:41ianbickingso I think the process is: Michelle finalizes the google doc, then we copy those strings into
19:41_6a68ianbicking: perfect. is there a bugzilla bug, by chance? would be nice to block the pontoon bug on it. no worries if not
19:42ianbicking_6a68: I havent been creating any bugzilla bugs
19:42_6a68cool. jgruen, does michelle work via email or via bugzilla bug?
19:42jgruenianbicking: _6a68 i think there's a separate error messages doc in hte repo
19:43ckprice_6a68: thanks for that l10n update. i can update the group in the xfunc on thurs
19:44ckpriceif you can't make it
19:44jgruenianbicking: ^
19:45_6a68ckprice: yvw :-) I will likely skip it, thank you for offering to give the update for me
19:45ianbickingjgruen: oi, bad file
19:45_6a68jgruen: those are server errors?
19:45jgruenwhat should we do with it
19:45jgruennot sure
19:45GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2379: Review shared/
19:45_6a68we can localize the website at the same time, I just haven't extracted the server strings yet
19:46jgruenwhen did kit work on this?
19:46ianbickingjgruen: forever ago he added FxA support
19:46_6a68kit is like the kaiser soze of mozilla services
19:46jgruenso _6a68 that properties file is it right now?
19:48_6a68jgruen: I just assumed we would do the server strings later, since the 54 date is so close. but I'm not sure I ever got confirmation on this point. does this seem reasonable? I can also ask the l10n folks
19:48jgruenyeah, that makes sense to me
19:48_6a68that properties file is it for the addon, definitely.
19:49jgruenianbicking: who should be on the add-on authors list at this point?
19:50ianbickingjgruen: uh, I dunno. Maybe we should switch to a CONTRIBUTORS file or something. I dont think the string will be visible to anyone
19:50jgruenyeah maybe so
19:50jgrueni will file a few issues
19:51jgruenand take them
19:51ianbickingit would have shown up in the addons about page, and there wont be one
19:51ianbickingalso manifest.json and install.rdf overlap some, but install.rdf takes precedence
19:51ianbickinguntil we ship to the Chrome Store
19:51_6a68some of the mozilla owned packages on npm just have mozilla as the author
19:52GitHubPS[pageshot] johngruen opened issue #2380: Add and Contributing.json
19:52ianbickingyeah, we have a feedback email alias too
19:52ianbickingwhich would need renaming anyway...
19:52_6a68haha yeah, rename all the things
19:52GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2380: Note we already have contributing.json
19:53GitHubPS[pageshot] johngruen commented on issue #2380: @ianb my work here is done
19:53_6a68^^ there's an instance of "author": "Mozilla (",
19:54jgruenGH's time traveling comments are a trip:
19:58_6a68do we want to buy a short url? maybe .ws?
19:59_6a68emoji URLs are kind of hilariously bad, but that domain name is available
19:59ianbickingwell that would be fun
20:00_6a68maybe we shoudl just pony up the cash for a .firefox TLD
20:09GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2374: @zbraniecki @flodolo Thanks very much for the feedback. We'll probably wait to make code changes until product weighs in here, but it's good to know there are options available.
20:38Standard8_6a68: ianbicking: I found the line of code that breaks the DOM tests:
20:39_6a68nice find
20:39Standard8My theory is that causes window.navigator to be initialised from the perspective of what is/isnt enabled on it
20:39_6a68right, probably some lazily-instantiated service
20:39Standard8and that causes navigator.connection not to be present
20:39ianbickingStandard8: so it doesnt matter if its undefined, just getting it does it?
20:39Standard8well its webidl
20:40Standard8I suspect theres something in the webidl code that gets initialised
20:40_6a68yeah, idk if touching a webidl causes some code that backs it to be instantiated, eg so you can copy over an addon manager instance
20:41Standard8ianbicking: yep, just touching window.navigator seems to be enough
20:41Standard8reloading the page probably causes a new window.navigator
20:42Standard8hence, toggling the pref, then reloading seems to work
20:42ianbickingI would have expected that reloading would re-trigger match(), but no?
20:43_6a68Standard8: so, what's the right fix? shouldn't the test code have some way to mock out a navigator object?
20:43Standard8_6a68: stop being a web developer :-P
20:43_6a68or, failing that, monkeypatch that function to remove those lines :-P but that seems rather inelegant
20:43ianbickingask the addons team?
20:44Standard8I doubt the test could mock it anyway, as its only loaded in the content space
20:44Standard8ianbicking: yeah, and I think Ill cc some other folks for good measure
20:44ianbickingStandard8: probably worth making it clear: one issue is how to do this right, another is how to make things work in 54 so pageshot can land
20:45ianbickingwhen ccing in people
21:09557A6R3K9[pageshot] 6a68 closed issue #2314: Generate install.rdf
21:09203A6Q6K3[pageshot] 6a68 pushed 1 new commit to master:
21:09203A6Q6K3pageshot/master 0411d69 Jared Hirsch: Merge pull request #2377 from mozilla-services/fix-2314...
21:09GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 deleted fix-2314 at a816438:
21:18ckpricere: renaming our discourses, i was putting a bug together, but did we want to also see if it's possible to move it out of the "test pilot" category?
21:18ckpricejust have a root/firefox-screenshots category
21:31ianbickingckprice: +1 on that
21:32ianbickingckprice: now that pageshot-staff is bouncing well, can we get an alias?
21:32ckpriceianbicking: is it bouncing?
21:32ckpriceit should be aliasing
21:32ianbickingckprice: I just got a bounce, yeah
21:32ianbickingckprice: well, at 3:08pm
21:33ckprice_6a68: did you get a bounce on that l10n email you sent?
21:39ckpriceianbicking: ah, okay i created the alias
21:39ckpriceadded screenshots-staff, hopefully didn't spam everyone
21:40ckprice we fall into the "Groups for Business" category that doesn't auto create the alias
21:53_6a68ckprice: ah, I sent the message from the google groups site, so didn't get a bounce
21:55GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2381: Missing localization message
21:58GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 commented on issue #2132: I can't repro this on my touchbar MBP on release or dev edition. I've tried to hit the key just as the frames are switching, or messing with the focus before/while hitting escape, but it seems fine to me. @ianb Any guess around what triggers the issue when you've seen it?
21:59GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened issue #2382: Remove stylesheet from glyph-history-16.svg
22:00GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 created 2381-missing-l10n (+1 new commit):
22:00GitHubPSpageshot/2381-missing-l10n e28068d Jared Hirsch: Update stray l10n key...
22:02GitHubPS[pageshot] 6a68 opened pull request #2383: Update stray l10n key (master...2381-missing-l10n)
22:02_6a68I really like seeing the github traffic in the page
22:02_6a68feels like what Slack wants to be, sorta
22:04GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb created optional-bootstrap (+2 new commits):
22:04GitHubPSpageshot/optional-bootstrap b396797 Ian Bicking: Remove unguarded access to optional attributes. Avoids ReferenceError warnings in the console....
22:04GitHubPSpageshot/optional-bootstrap d579854 Ian Bicking: Fix #2372, let webextension run without bootstrap.js...
22:04GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb opened pull request #2384: Optional bootstrap (master...optional-bootstrap)
22:04GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb closed pull request #2383: Update stray l10n key (master...2381-missing-l10n)
22:04GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb pushed 1 new commit to master:
22:04GitHubPSpageshot/master 73928c9 Ian Bicking: Merge pull request #2383 from mozilla-services/2381-missing-l10n...
22:04GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb deleted 2381-missing-l10n at e28068d:
22:07travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2653 (2381-missing-l10n - e28068d : Jared Hirsch)
22:08GitHubPS[pageshot] ianb commented on issue #2332: I'm going to name this extensions.pageshot.systemDisabled to make it clearer how it is different than #2333...
22:09ianbicking_6a68: the messages are a little bit like overhearing conversation in an office. Kind of like a small version of the dream of Hotdish...
22:10travis-ciThe build passed.: mozilla-services/pageshot#2655 (optional-bootstrap - d579854 : Ian Bicking)
22:28GitHubPS[pageshot] niharikak101 opened pull request #2385: Fix/2258 (master...fix/2258)
22:31GitHubPS[pageshot] garbados opened pull request #2386: WIP solution to issue#2315 (master...issue-2315)
22:33ianbickinguh oh, webExtension objects have a startup() method, but no shutdown()
22:34ianbickingif I had thought this through a bit more I might have predicted this...
22:34GitHubPS[pageshot] garbados commented on issue #2315: Hey! I put together a WIP PR but I have questions about this issue:...
22:56GitHubPS[pageshot] pdehaan commented on issue #2380: ```sh...
23:13dcoatesi don't think the popstate event is working in uicontrol.js
23:14GitHubPS[pageshot] pdehaan commented on issue #2378: Are we doing any more Test Pilot releases before we ship in 54? It could be pretty confusing to rename the public discourse forums mid-release (unless we can do a redirect in the forums)....
23:56GitHubPS[pageshot] pdehaan commented on pull request #2384 d579854: should this just use a `.catch()` block instead of an empty `.then()`?
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