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15 Mar 2017
10:55creatrixtiaraHello! I have a question about one of the projects that's on the Outreachy site but not on the Mozilla Outreachy wiki
10:56creatrixtiaraSpecifically this one: DevRel Website: Technical Content Creation/Management
10:56creatrixtiaraIs that project no longer available?
13:59deepasrijit1105Hi gfritzsche , I have made a comment on . Please have a look when you have time
13:59deepasrijit1105Also, since this bug is taking a lot of time, is it possible to start with the proposal?
19:39KshaHi !I would like to introduce my self !
19:40jdmhi Ksha!
19:41KshaHi i would like to know more about the application process for applying to mozilla projects
19:41KshaI have to submit some contribution to the current project right?It can be anything the mentor outlines right?
19:41jdmKsha: anything in particular?
19:42jdmoh, spoke too soon
19:42KshaOr is it like kernel projects where we have to submit a patch?
19:42Kshayeah go i am done
19:42jdmright, it's up to the mentor
19:42jdmfor some projects submitting code changes won't make sense
19:43Kshaare you a applicant too?Thanks
19:43gfritzschedeepasrijit1105: Hi, its taking a bit to figure out whats going on there... i'll follow up tomorrow
19:44jdmI'm a mentor
19:44KshaHow do we know if a mentor has alraedy chosen a intern for that project?
19:44Kshaoh thanks !
19:44gfritzschedeepasrijit1105: In the mean-time starting on the proposal sounds good
19:45jdmif the mentor has chosen an applicant, there should be an indication on that no further applicants will be accepted
19:46Kshaoh and how do i know if multiple people are applying for the same project?
19:54jdmI don't know that you can know that unless the mentor tells you
19:55Kshaokay thanks
20:16KshaHi I am unable to contact the mentor(nicholas matsakis) for Unsafe Code Linting Tool for Rust by email how should i go about this ?I am very interested in this project
20:18KshaUnsafe Code Linting Tool for Rust Mentor: Nicholas Matsakis IRC: nmatsakis This is the information provided with project description
20:32jdmKsha: `/whois nmatsakis` shows all of the channels that they are currently in
20:33jdmKsha: also has an email address
20:36Kshathank you
16 Mar 2017
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