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9 Sep 2017
08:08ilneanyone else getting a blank page on ?
08:08ilneit was fine before the last nightly rollout
08:08ilnei thought it's ublock at first, disabled, still the same :/
08:11mquanderi don't have a google cloud account but blank page for me too
08:11ilneit's the same in private
09:31Porkepixilne: Blank page either
09:31Porkepixilne: I guess you can file a bug ;)
09:34sw1ayfeanyone aware why Thunderbird jumps from 52 to 56?
09:39Usulsw1ayfe: ask in #maildev :)
09:49sw1ayfeUsual: thanks
10:42telegram_bot<mstanke> I see it in beta channel. Probably to update gecko to the latest version still supporting XUL?
10:42telegram_bot<mstanke> But than they will need to port all security patches from ESR 52 they are on now.
12:26Caspy7sw1ayfe: I believe that TB Beta has been following Fx Beta. I just checked the TB download page and it&#39;s still 57
12:30sw1ayfeTB is currently 52 so I&#39;d have presumed 55 was current release. Beta is in 56 and Nightly in 57. Was just wondering the gap. Nothing major. Think it&#39;s due to move to MoFo support and TB Foundation implementation.
12:35Caspy7sw1ayfe: oops, I means to say that the download page is still 52, which is based on ESR
12:35Caspy755 is not the current release
12:37sw1ayfethe move to foundation is only thing that makes sense to me
12:38sw1ayfewhich is what? a 3 months gap as perceived in the release number hop?
12:39sw1ayfeanywho I might go nightly testing in thunderbird is where I&#39;m heading here
12:39Usulsw1ayfe: so TB uses ESR now
12:39Usulso they update less frequently than Ff
12:40Caspy7while prereleases continue to follow Firefox prerelease versions
12:41Caspy7so when ESR 59 comes around, they will be ready
12:41sw1ayfeI think the release is more to do with this
12:41sw1ayfewith 56 beta and 57 nightly the first releases from the new setup
12:42sw1ayfe*assuming* that release will hop to 56
12:43sw1ayfeCaspy7: where&#39;s your knowledge on the ESR from?
12:47sw1ayfeStuff it. I&#39;ll go Nightly. What&#39;s the worst that can happen?
12:49Caspy7sw1ayfe: Thunderbird has been following the ESR channel on release for a few years now. Looks like since TB 24 in 2013
12:49sw1ayfe^^ fank u
12:50Caspy7oops, maybe TB 17 actually
12:50Caspy7in 2012
12:51Caspy7which may have been the first Firefox ESR release...
12:52sw1ayfeNo worries. I&#39;ll let that slide. Tons of attendees at Mozfest in academia and libraries etc have been pretty vocal about not dropping Thunderbird. I&#39;m trying to make sure I&#39;m on it as much as I am with Fx releases.
12:53sw1ayfemore eyes on testing it never hurt nobody I guess too
13:28sw1ayfefyi TB Nightly is in fact called &quot;Daily&quot;
13:28sw1ayfethe rebels
13:29sw1ayfemore importantly SQUARE TABS
13:32Caspy7guessing it&#39;s just easier to keep up with using the Photon code :)
13:34ilneGCP console still blank on newest build
13:34ilnebug report time
17:03telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> where do I report a bug in Bugzilla?
17:07Caspy7@nyuszika7h: sorry. I can&#39;t tell if you&#39;re making a joke or ?
17:07telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> I&#39;m serious
17:08telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> there&#39;s a bug with GitHub OAuth login
17:08telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> it uses the first email address listed in the account instead of the one marked as primary
17:08telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> there&#39;s no way to reorder the email addresses on GitHub
17:11Caspy7I&#39;m probably not understanding the issue, but there&#39;s and
17:11Caspy7@nyuszika7h: ^
17:11telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> ok thanks
17:25PorkepixWell, the github login is probably a customization of Mozilla&#39;s bugzilla
17:26PorkepixI would say, here instead
17:26PorkepixBMO component, Extensions:GitHub Auth product
17:26Porkepixnyuszika7h: ^
21:00fwiwoh hey, highlights in newtab is really nice :)
21:27sw1ayfethat&#39;s Pocket, right?
21:29SeburoA feature of Pocket, yes.
10 Sep 2017
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