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9 Aug 2017
00:37telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Great! Thanks!!!
00:39telegram_bot<gaby2300> Good night to you too!
00:54hedning-MAre anyone able to reproduce this tab crash bug on linux: ?
00:54firebotBug 1388576 UNCONFIRMED, [Nightly 57.0a1] BankID causes process/tab crash
00:54hedning-M- Go to (Norwegian tax return site)
00:54hedning-M- Click the &quot;Log on&quot; button in the upper right corner
00:54hedning-M- Select the &quot;BankId&quot; option
02:58telegram_bot<jtojnar> Can you view source code? I cannot
02:58firebotBug 1388603 UNCONFIRMED, Cannot view source
03:29hedning-Mtelegram_bot: Yeah, view source works here (linux)
03:33gandalfhedning-M: no crash for me
03:36hedning-Mgandalf: thanks for checking, guess it&#39;s something weird going on, might be nixos :(
03:37tcampbelljtojnar: Are you using noscript? I think I saw a comment somewhere that the two don&#39;t get along
04:34decebalusWrong display of text on the last Nightly. The &quot;New scrollbars(NoiaScrollbars)&quot; addon is not working anymore.
05:37Porkepixhedning-M: Didn&#39;t crash, but briefly activate the dedicated GPU?!?
05:39linuxmoddermorning all
11:26OliverUvHello! I&#39;m on Linux and I&#39;m runnin FF as installed from the Ubuntu (Yakkety) default PPAs. I&#39;ve downloaded and unpacked the Nightly .tar.bz2, but when I run its ./firefox, it just opens a new window in myy existing non-nightly FF session. I can&#39;t see anything in `man firefox` that tells me how to have two separate versions of FF running concurrently. Any help?
11:30pboneI think they have to have seperate profiles to run concurrently.
11:30pboneI&#39;m not sure how to do that.
11:39j605OliverUv: ./firefox --no-remote -P &quot;profilename&quot;
11:40j605you can&#39;t use the same profile concurrently
11:40OliverUvcool, thanks
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12:11OliverUvah shit, are you kidding me, after having installed & run nightly (on a separate profile) it now changed the tab style for my non-nightly fireofox profile. So now I have to spend hours re-doing all that styling again
12:16telegram_bot<RanjithRajVasam> Isn&#39;t it a supergroup? couldn&#39;t access previous chats
12:17OliverUvwelp, time to get used to not having tabs visible at all, i&#39;m tired of restyling them all the time
12:19Caspy7OliverUv: did you open your main (release version) profile in Nightly?
12:21OliverUvI did do `./firefox` to open nightly, and it opened a new window in my release version FF (the About dialog said FF, not nightly), then I shut it down. After that I opened a different profile, with -no-remote, which let me use nightly. After about 30 minutes, the styling of tabs in my release FF session changed
12:23PorkepixOliverUv: Did you used the same profile?
12:23OliverUvsee above
12:24PorkepixOliverUv: You just said &quot;--no-remote&quot;
12:24fwiwOliverUv: just for clarification, is it ./firefox --no-remote or ./firefox --no-remote -P profilename?
12:25OliverUvthe latter
12:25OliverUvalso, it&#39;s -no-remote, since FF for some reason doesn&#39;t do -- in front of expanded flags
12:26PorkepixDon&#39;t get what you meant to say in your last sentence
12:28OliverUvfirefox deviates from the normal unix way of having a single dash (-) in front of single letter args/flags (like -d), and having double dashes (--) in front of multi-letter args/flags (like --debug)
12:28PorkepixOh. But for no-remote, it&#39;s a double dash
12:28PorkepixIn front of it
12:29OliverUvfrom the manpage
12:29OliverUv -no-remote
12:29OliverUv Don&#39;t connect to any other running instances of firefox. Use this if you want to run firefox in an entirely new process. By default, firefox will delegate a
12:29OliverUv command to an already running instance.
12:29sw1ayfe`--no-remote` is certainly how I use it in Arch
12:29OliverUvperhaps it accepts both
12:29PorkepixI always used --no-remote. On all OSes
12:30OliverUvfirefox --help shows &quot;--no-remote&quot;, but the manpage says &quot;-no-remote&quot;
12:30PorkepixI have no man firefox
12:30Porkepixbut help states it&#39;s double dash
12:31OliverUvanyway, now my firefox conf is botched, so I&#39;m a bit bummed out
12:31PorkepixWhat&#39;s your OS so that you have a manpage? Are you sure it&#39;s up to date?
12:31OliverUvplease excuse any vitriol
12:31OliverUvAs I stated above, I&#39;m on Ubuntu Yakkety and I&#39;ve got the FF that&#39;s supplied in the default PPAs. It updates regularly.
12:32PorkepixNo idea what modifications are applied by Canonical/Ubuntu then
12:32OliverUvit is a mystery
12:34sw1ayfeI pull mine from Mozilla and reun direct from `~/Documents`. I have Release, Beta, Developer Edition, Nightly, all able to run in isolation simultaneously that way. Installing via the repos always gave me trouble due to the binaries sharing stuff I didn&#39;t want shared across versions.
12:35OliverUvwell, I&#39;ll have to leave it all behind relatively soon anyway. I&#39;m addicted to Vimperator, which will not work as a WebExtension
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12:35OliverUvespecially sad now that we&#39;re finally seeing the (fantastic) fruits coming from the Rust efforts
12:36PorkepixOliverUv: Maybe required APIs can be added? Did you checked that point? I&#39;m sure you&#39;re not the only one relying on this or equivalents &#39;pentadactyl and so on)
12:36OliverUvthere&#39;s been an enormous amount of drama around all of this already
12:36OliverUvand the answer is basically: no
12:37OliverUvadding my voice to the chorus of dissatisfied users won&#39;t help. Firefox want to target the masses, not niche geeks
12:37PorkepixYes. But forgetting the latter will kill it for everyone in the long run
12:37OliverUvWhich is ok. I&#39;m just sad about it since I&#39;m running niche geek extensions
12:38PorkepixSo I&#39;d be curious about given reasons
12:38OliverUvok so basically, one of the core architectural choices for WebExtensions is that each extension gets some hooks where it can do stuff within a tab after it&#39;s loaded (and maybe during loading)
12:39pascalcI am a niche geek and I don&#39;t like vim
12:39OliverUvthis way an extension is isolated and unable to compromise the whole browser, in case of extensions written/co-opted by bad actors
12:39OliverUvit&#39;s a pretty wise decision, which they copied from Chrome
12:40OliverUvsadly, it breaks the utility of vimifying extensions entirely. You can use Vimium on Chrome if you want that experience
12:40OliverUv(can&#39;t navigate using your keyboard while you&#39;re watching a tab load, can&#39;t use it to control anything other than browsing within a tab)
12:41OliverUvit&#39;s awful
12:41PorkepixOliverUv: What about those pascalc juste linked?
12:42PorkepixThose are Web extensions
12:42OliverUvalso, amazing stuff like letting me launch Vim to edit text fields in websites obviously won&#39;t work
12:42OliverUvPorkepix: they are very crippled, they do what Vimium on Chrome does, but not what Vimperator does.
12:42OliverUvthey have about 10% of the features
12:43pascalcGhostText is 57 compatible, I tested with Sublime and it works
12:43pascalcsee, not all is lost ;)
12:44OliverUvno, but I still don&#39;t feel like having all of my input handling unavailable while a page is loading
12:44sw1ayfe^^ these are amazing!
12:44OliverUvit&#39;s a dealbreaker
12:46OliverUvbut still, I&#39;m very impressed by Stylo, that was some real fast rendering
13:32pascalcIf there are Russian speakers here, ping me, I am working on building a Russian speaking Nightly volunteers team to promote Nightly
13:55telegram_bot<shashi_gadu> @Z547Khalid is this group not a supergroup? I can&#39;t access previous messages(from before i joined).
14:01fwiw@sashi_gadu there&#39;s irc log available here
14:02fwiwif that&#39;s what you mean
14:09Caspy7in case Telegram users are not able to see the topic with the log link, it is
14:14PorkepixDamn. Didn&#39;t know the chan was actually logged.
14:15fwiwyes, most of mozilla public channel is logged
14:28Caspy7it&#39;s a public channel, best to assume it&#39;s not private in this aspect
14:29telegram_bot<shashi_gadu> @Caspy7, thanks
14:31PorkepixCaspy7: Yeah, just I didn&#39;t paid attention to topic. I&#39;ve to admit I&#39;m not a huge fan of public logs, especially if it&#39;s indexed bys earch engines
14:31Porkepixby search engines*
14:32Caspy7that I don&#39;t know. if it&#39;s indexed, maybe later glob|away could weigh in
14:35Caspy7Porkepix: so, this isnt my thing, but exists, but is totally blank. The top hit on google indicated a couple of things should be in it
14:36Caspy7but having it there at all perhaps does the trick?
14:39PorkepixMmmmh, rather unsure tbh
14:41fwiwquestion to telegram user, what&#39;s those &quot;user is removed/added by: user&quot; message by the bot, is that when you join/part the channel?
15:53telegram_bot<shashi_gadu> @fwiw, Yes, people join telegram group from invitation link@Z547Khalid
15:54telegram_bot<shashi_gadu> Nightly telegram group invitation link is
15:56fwiwI see
17:13hwineanyone know where we report pocket-in-nightly bugs nowadays? (context menu add not working for several days now)
17:15Caspy7hwine: pocket is basically a part of firefox I think, so may start with bugzilla
17:15Caspy7at the very least they can funnel it to the right place
17:15hwineCaspy7: sounds like a plan -- better than opening an account on _their_ tracker ;)
17:18* fwiw can&#39;t into pocket
17:19fwiwwhat people usually use it for? online bookmarks backup?
17:20ianacasync already does that for normal bookmarks
17:22PorkepixDunno. I still think it should be an addon 100% separated
17:25decebalusthere is any compatible equivalent addon for &quot;new scrollbars(noia scrollbars) &quot; wich don&#39;t work with the last Nightly update? Anybody know?
17:38j605I use pocket for what it says, read it later
17:39j605bookmarks are more like saving links forever for reference
17:39j605maybe if I didn&#39;t have pocket I would&#39;ve probably used bookmarks for that as well
17:50fwiwI tab hoarding for &quot;read it later&quot; ;)
18:00akii&#39;m able to hang nightly on a regular basis with a combination of large taskcluster graphs and treeherder
18:01akiit unfreezes when i kill the high-cpu content process
18:05telegram_bot<jtojnar> @fwiw, I use Pocket for syncing articles to my Kobo e-reader
19:06telegram_bot<Iamvp7> In Android I m now able to enter address and visit site.. strange
19:08telegram_bot<Iamvp7> Now works after closing all apps and reopening
19:22PorkepixIs anyone on the channel using Disconnect/NoScript? It makes two days those addons seems fully broken and I&#39;m not seeing anything on BMO. As those are popular addons, I was expecting that something would appear there pretty fast or fixed the day after, but it might be something on my end?
19:24Caspy7if a legacy addon breaks now, it is my expectation that it is staying broken
19:24Caspy7there is literally a bug that&#39;s about removing old code that&#39;s just there for xul addons I think
19:25PorkepixCaspy7: Well, Disconnect is a webextension. And Noscript does embed some Webextensions parts
19:26Caspy7Porkepix: if it shows in your addon manager list as legacy, then it&#39;s viewed as legacy by the browser (and uses legacy code). Yeah, it&#39;s possible you&#39;d want to file a bug on the disconnect issue
19:27PorkepixOkay, NoScript might have break Disconnect. Looks like running it without NoScript make it not broken anymore. That&#39;s quite strange though as NoScript isn&#39;t supposed to deal with those parts of the browser
19:27PorkepixCaspy7: I know that. However some of them like uBlock origin are just some kind of containers embedding webextension
19:28PorkepixThat&#39;s partly the case for NoScript as it is a partial rewrite as of now.
19:29Caspy7yes, I&#39;ve seen reports that noscript is broken and breaking other addons. Sorry, did think about / readily remember that
19:31PorkepixDo you remember where?
19:31PorkepixCouldn&#39;t find anything on BMO, and NoScript doesn&#39;t seem to have a proper bug/issue tracker :/
19:43Caspy7Porkepix: these were comments on reddit
19:44PorkepixMmmh, okay. It&#39;s normal I missed them, then
20:03Caspy7just posted to reddit: &quot;Good news everyone! NoScript V. 5.0.9rc1 now works in latest Nightly.&quot;
20:16decebalusVery strange: the &quot;new scrollbars (noia scrollbars)&quot; addon looks like compatible with Nightly, it is accepted by Nightly but don&#39;t work
20:25bstriedumb question: I&#39;m loving the new nightly icon on desktop, and just wondering when it&#39;s coming to android :P
20:26mbrubeckbstrie: in the next day or two, when this hits nightly:
20:26firebotBug 1388291 ASSIGNED, (photon) Replacing launcher icon
20:44bstriembrubeck: awesome, thanks
21:15robswain-Mis there a way to open all tabs from a session in non-nightly firefox in nightly firefox?
21:18tracyrobswain-M: only way I can think of is to close non-nightly session, then open that profile in ightly and restore previous session from about:home.
21:19Porkepix(And if you do so, that&#39;s not recommanded to reopen that profile into stable after)
21:20tracyheh, well, it is *usually* ok. but yes, swapping a profile between versions of FF migh lead to unexpected results.
21:23PorkepixEspecially these days with all the Quantum/Photon/Webextension stuff
21:25tracyrobswain-M: there is probably a way to copy Places db from non-nightly profile and slam it into a nightly profile.
21:26tracynot sure though if that would pick up the current tab session. hmmm
21:30Caspy7robswain-M: what version of firefox is &quot;non-nightly&quot;?
21:30Caspy7this should be doable
21:32robswain-Mdev edition and stable opened the same profile for me it seemed
21:32robswain-Mwithout me having to touch anything
21:33Caspy7robswain-M: what is your main aim? You want to take tabs from a profile from Dev edition 55 to Nightly 57?
21:34robswain-Mi went through and did it manually
21:34Caspy7robswain-M: are you ok with replacing your current tab session on nightly?
21:34robswain-Mthe point was that there&#39;s noise about how awesome ff57 is
21:34robswain-Mso i wanted to give it a go
21:34robswain-Mfor a bit
21:37Caspy7cool cool
21:38firebotBug 1331680 FIXED, Consider not doing sync IPC for document.cookie getter/setter
23:49Asawas that the last major sync IPC fix for 57?
23:59Someth|ngIs there an FTP with older Nightly builds?
10 Aug 2017
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