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8 Sep 2017
00:29alex_mayorgaHola! With Flash not installed, please try to play and let me know if it fails. Gracias!
07:13Mte90I have problems with notifications on debian sid, go on and press authorize and show. I get only a white bar on firefox but on chrome no issue. As I can see the problem exist also in firefox dev edition
07:14Mte90maybe is something on my system and firefox that create that issue
07:19KWierso|afkMte90: Screenshot of what you're seeing would be useful. Graphical glitches sounds like hardware acceleration issues.
07:25Mte90the white line near the arrow is the notification
07:25Mte90I was wondering this days what was that white line XD but this morning I got it
07:30Mte90on console with firefox dev edition I don't get errors
07:31KWierso|afkHrm. Next guess would be the display environment or system theme.
07:32Mte90I am using kde
07:33Mte90few days ago there wasn't because I tried the notification on reddit
07:33Mte90I will do a check with mozregression
07:33Mte90but the proble happen also on dev edition so probably is something on my system
07:34Mte90but without any errors or info about how works the notification system in firefox is very difficult to debug
07:47PorkepixMte90: What is strange is if you tell a few days ago you didn't had the problem on nightly, but you have it on dev edition which is older
07:48Mte90yes probably is something on my system with an update
07:48PorkepixAnd Xorg or Wayland?
07:49PorkepixWell, you might check journald, but no real idea
08:24fwiwowh, we have download section in the library button
08:25PorkepixI got spammed in my mailbox during the 2 or 3 past days with this bug :D
08:31fwiwso for those who had search bar removed, how do you add new search for current page?
08:36fwiwif a site contains search box, you can add them by clicking those magnifying glass with plus icon in the search bar
09:04pastthis functionality will be added to the location bar in a later release. For now, if this is an important use case for you, I would recommend pinning the search bar to the overflow panel
09:17telegram_bot<mstanke> @fwiw, It only shows the downloaded files, not the downloads in progress, but I like it anyway.
09:33Porkepixpast: I was looking for informations and didn&#39;t find them, and you seem to have more: what&#39;s the plan for the search bar? Is it still plan to be removed? If yes, I heard new profiles shouldn&#39;t have it anymore, but I still see it in new profiles, why?
09:33Porkepixmstanke: Ongoing downloads should be in here?
09:34telegram_bot<mstanke> Wouldn&#39;t be bad to have them there. But I do not know if that is planned.
09:40Porkepixmstanke: Well, the bug is
09:40firebotBug 1354532 FIXED, Add a &#39;Downloads&#39; button to the Library panel
09:44pastPorkepix: new profiles as of today&#39;s nightly shouldn&#39;t have a search bar by default
09:45Porkepixpast: Just beginning with today?
09:45pastalso, old profiles that go to Customize -> Reset defaults will lose it as well
09:45pastyep, the patch landed yesterday
09:45PorkepixI&#39;ll see how are managed search engines then
09:45PorkepixI guess some UX will be needed to add new ones
09:46telegram_bot<LucentW> btw, is someone using webrender/webrendest on latest Win64 build?
09:46PorkepixAnd I guess it saves me from opening a new bug. I had to use a 1366x768 computer last week-end, and with url bar + search bar + the new spaces around, the url bar was really really too short
09:47pastindeed, it should be much better now. And there is always the option to customize the flexible spaces away for small displays
09:48Porkepixpast: Yeah, but I&#39;m talking about default settings for &quot;normal&quot; users. Those that do not bother about customizing
09:49PorkepixIf search bar was to stay, I think flexible spaces should have been removed by default on small screen resolutions
09:49pastwell, the defaults are taking the most common screen sizes at this point in time into account
09:50PorkepixWell, there are still a lot of 1366x768 screens out :p
09:50pastbut I think you are hinting at dynamically adjusted toolbar contents, which I think is a good idea to consider
09:51PorkepixThis is still the dominant resolution on for example
09:52PorkepixAnd this might have to deal with OS font I think
09:52PorkepixIt was a Linux computer
09:52PorkepixAnd I&#39;ve here a W7 one with a 1280x1024 screen, and this is less choking
09:54PorkepixYeah, you&#39;re right. I was still seeing something was wrong, but not what :(
09:54PorkepixMy bad
10:57telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> Nightly is crashing on accessing ....
10:57telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> I have reported it
11:08Caspy7@Madhuri_mittal: how did you report it?
11:14telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Caspy7, In bugzilla
13:01telegram_bot<decode_dev> @Madhuri_mittal, I have updated and checked it seems to work
13:02telegram_bot<decode_dev> Can you which version your using and also the OS?
13:04telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @decode_dev, Okay..will check its time to deploy the new build
13:05telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @decode_dev, Win 10 build 20170907....
13:05telegram_bot<Diffusive> I really think Nightly should have a small changelog or highlights in this update. i.e. Modified the download button behaviour. Deleted the ram hungry.
13:07telegram_bot<Diffusive> Also that website works for me. No crash ;)
13:07telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Diffusive, Build id ?
13:11telegram_bot<Diffusive> W10 latest fast ring. Firefox 57.0a1 2017.09.08
13:12telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Diffusive, Just deployed ...I need to check on it as found that crash on previous one ...thanks
13:19telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Diffusive, Its still crashing for me ...latest build 20170908... ....enter in address bar and press enter > crashed
13:21telegram_bot<Diffusive> weird Its jist fine here. A normal store.
13:22telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> I have crash report
13:29telegram_bot<Diffusive> I cant help. But you can try with a new profile and see if it still crash.
13:29telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Madhuri_mittal,
13:29telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Diffusive, Well I have updated it in bugzilla comments where I had reported.
13:30telegram_bot<Diffusive> Nice hope it gets fixed
13:31telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> According to them, there were 85 crashes in the previous build
13:31telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> So may take time
13:44sw1ayfeI just had a crash fwiw
13:50telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @sw1ayfe,
14:06telegram_bot<arkagno> Session restore on Linux is messed up.
14:17WaltS48Nightly is crashing when I go to my local site on Windows and Linux.
14:21WaltS48I see a bug report for the crash. bug 1398043
14:21firebot NEW, Crash in mozilla::dom::cache::db::`anonymous namespace&#39;&#39;::ReadResponse
14:22telegram_bot<arkagno> Nightly can&#39;t open while in a container.
15:00telegram_bot<decode_dev> @Madhuri_mittal, I dont have any crashes using latest build x64 version with win10
16:36telegram_bot<Edovio> I just tried to launch a Videocall with the website but doesn&#39;t work
16:36telegram_bot<Edovio> I just sent the feedback through the Browser
16:42UsulEdovio file a bug that works better
16:44telegram_bot<Edovio> okay perfect
17:21alex_mayorgaPorkepix: we shall go to Chromium =P
17:21firebotBug 1372566 WORKSFORME, Nightly&#39;s icon background is black and not matching the Windows 10 theme colors
9 Sep 2017
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